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Fallout: USSR

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Published: October 2, 2017
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How could a game about Soviet Russia in the universe of Fallout look like.
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DirtyBlueMuttNew Deviant

this whole seen is so Russian it’s Funny

but this is Very Good and high Quality especially with what you’re trying to do here and I would play or buy that kind of game if I could

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Brilliant concept with great attention to detail, loughed my a** off :D
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Is a mod? O Is a any game different?
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Red888gunsHobbyist Digital Artist
Its some kind of a concept art image, but I have not enough time and resources to pull out whole game like this.
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ImperialProductionsHobbyist Photographer
Nice Chaika, love those cars. This is a great piece of art.
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Red888gunsHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks :)
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Haha I rather like the cyborg/brain bot piloted by a dog.
Hmm the bear feels more like it belongs in Gamma World. No criticism on you, just saying it.
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I like the look of this... I really like it.
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I've sent you a PM red888guns!
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Жжесть как она есть!!!
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Hey, mind if I post this picture on another website. I will credit you for the work, but with your permission. It looks really good and I'm sure someone on SpaceBattles will appreciate the well-done artwork.
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Red888gunsHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! Of course you can.
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Thats NOT Fallout! `That`s just some funny looking 2d game that has nothing in common with the fallout classics like fallout 3, New Vegas (which never was to my taste anyway), Fallout 4 or the newest and super awesome "Fallout 76"!!!!!!

Dude, I effing wish someone actually would rip the copyright from these buckethats at Bethesda and would recreate a Fallout series in the style of the originals. The REAL Fallout games and not the imposter ones. Man, Fallout China, Fallout Australia, Fallout Europe... other continents who struggle with the post apocalypse. Everyone with other world threatening problems. If only, bro, if only...
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Obviously, you are too young to know anything about Fallout 1 and 2. This looks remarkably like them, particularly the game interface.
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Bro, the only thing I want YOU to do is to read my post again. I take it my "joke" was not that good if I have to explain it... :D
DarcMac's avatar
Nope, I read it over again and still did not detect a joke in there. Sorry
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i wanna play this so hard it hurts
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Луноход вижу я здесь!
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atisuto17Professional Traditional Artist
WOW!! Is amazing
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flippedoutkyriiHobbyist Traditional Artist
Amazing stuff! Even the cars feel robustly Soviet with a nice dash of retro-futurism c:
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Great, really great! When I was younger and I was waiting for Fallout 3... that's definitely what I dreamed of playing!
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Man, I just want to jump right in and play this.
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