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Fallout 3D 1997

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Ого! Автор, срочно идти на кикстартер и собирать деньги!) В такой фал, я бы поиграл.

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Is this going to be an actual game/mod? (Just wondering)

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I'll also toss my hat in the "I'm throwing my wallet at the screen" crowd. Great work

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This is pretty amazing. How did you make it?

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Thank you! This is a 3D scene

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Круто смотрится.) Я бы поиграл в такую версию.

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Please Add the tall Buildings of The City Of The Dead In the Distance

Отпад! А в Дум такое портировать?

I would pay SO much money for this to become real!

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That is literally the closest thing we can get for Fallout (1997) in Build engine.
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Never have I not known something that I have always wanted.

Is is really really cool.

this is so cool, you totally managed to capture the visual-style/look of the first two fallout games.

very impressive!

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Fallout on Build engine? Shut up and take my money!

If its done in Build, then we need Fallout combat floats as Duke Nukem-style quotes.

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Very well made.
Saw this on a news article.

(Sorry, I don't speak Russian.)
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Not a problem, mate.
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сука!!! да как ты так чувствуешь чётко эту атмосферу?????? извини... ))

i really don't understand how u do feel that atmosphere so perfect!

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