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Kids Fortress 2

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imagine if this were the kids of the tf2 cast (except spy or maybe the spy is kid scouts brother idk)

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tf2 the origin story

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This is amazing

How do I watch the comic?

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Is the engine sisters with pyro because they both have goggles and overalls

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But spy is scout's dad
So scout should be a fetus
Never mind that would just be horrifying
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maybe the kid spy IS a spy!

he's just desguised as a kid



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I've always wanted to say this about this particular game!
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i never thought i needed this to exist so badly...
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They look so cute as kids!! 🥰
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i was laughing so hard at little pyro
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She's my fav. <3 
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I love this! Great style man <3
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The administrator must be the oldest
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How did Spy become Scout's father if their the same age?
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maybe there brothers and spy is there grandfather and kid scouts brother got inspired by spy

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Think of this as an AU of tf2
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why pyro is a girl
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Pyro's gender is unknown. Most assume he's a male, while a few assume Pyro's a female
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I think medic and engi are my favorites!
Can i use this amazing art in a thumbnail i am going to make on a YouTube video? I will credit you under the video if you want
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