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NAC: Justice Avengers- Origin by Red-Rum-18, visual art

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People often ask me how I create microheroes, so here you go:
1.) You can get "microhero" templates and pre-made models from these sites (that I normally go to though there are others):

Microhero Compendium on Blogspot:
DC Microheroes Wikia:…
Marvel Microheroes Wikia:…
Golden Age Microheroes:
Links to other sites:…
Ze Ball Breaker's:

2.) Load up Paint or whatever you use and have fun!
Congratulations on your valorous defeat of The Egregrove during the Nature Reclaims expansion and its Roots of War storyline. With the nature goddess Lunara freed and the evil beast’s stranglehold on nature finally loosened, the world of Azeroth can get back on track and rebuild after this latest war. However, during the chaos and the fighting, the Egregrove’s forces smashed down the walls of the island prison known as Tol Barad, causing a massive jailbreak. The guards and the overseeing mages reclaimed most of the prisoners… except two. Those same criminals, once wealthy and influential, traveled in secret, in cover of night, to return to their homeland, one of the few places untouched by the war against the Egregrove. However, it HAS changed quite a lot since they last set foot upon its earth… and they might find an opportunity there to climb their way back to the top. Now is their chance to become the supreme rulers of the criminal underworld… of Pandaria. “The Blackpaw Syndicate”
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From Mana Bombs to Fel Reavers and Mechano-Striders, the past few decades have blessed both the Alliance and Horde civilizations with wonderful new technological marvels that make life easier. But the threat of over-population, massive expansions of cities, and smog-producing factories have tainted the land we live on… and we might need that tainting, because plantkind has allied with the beasts of the world and the very elements to wage war upon the sapient races of Azeroth. “Nature Reclaims” is the first expansion of Hearthstone’s Year of the Dryad. In Nature Reclaims, plants are running rampant across our world in revenge for all of the pollution and corruption and the heroes and warriors of the world don’t know how to handle it… other than fighting back! Plants are the new minion type we are adding to Hearthstone with Nature Reclaims, such as this guy: ‘Rooted Attacker’, a 3-Cost 2/2 Epic Neutral Plant with “Battlecry: If you control another Plant, deal 4 damage.” Of course, the
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In the Great Sea, just south of the raging Maelstrom, is the island of Zandalar, the homeland of the trolls of Azeroth. It is considered neutral territory for all of the troll tribes, and the lost capital city of Zuldazar is somewhere on the Southern half of the island. The League of Explorers, a famed group of archaeologists, adventurers, and evil-fighters, set out on an expedition to rediscover the famed city of gold. But when they found it… well… The Steamwheedle Cartel, an nefarious organization of goblin businessmen, had already been there for months, setting up an elaborate vacation spot called “The Zuldazar Resort and
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How about a request?

Maybe. What do you have in mind?

An amalgam between on, one side, the Superman "family" and related superheroes, and on the other side, the "Captain Marvel" ones from Marvel, like the original Captain Mar-vell, Carol Danvers, Monica Rambeau, etc.

It occurs to me Superman could be amalgamed with Mar-vell, Carol Danvers with Power Girl or a "Superwoman" sort depending on what stage of her career she is (Power Girl-Miss Marvel, "Superwoman"- Captain Marvel), Monica Rambeau with Steel, Supergirl with Kamala Khan (Miss Marvel counts too)... I think there's actually been more characters with the titles of "Captain Marvel" in the past, but I don't know who they were, so you can amalgam them however you like.

Also, you could if you think it's good idea put them a symbol like Superman's one but with an M instead. And call them something like the "House of Marvel", although most of them have human origins. My idea is that the humans members were genetically altered so now they are kree/kryptonian on some level.

OK. I'll do that.

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Why there is no amalgam microheroes picture of Abominus [Abomination + Atrocitus], can you ask other artist like lurch-jr to make one? Will there be summaries of an amalgam characters base on different color Lantern Corps?

Sigh... I will get back to New Amalgam when I am done with AbDC.