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Red Shirts Die First

My Starfleet Uniform made for me by the lovely :iconthe-cosplay-scion: and photographed by the super-talented :iconmajikku-tejina: at the first Niagara Region Cosplay Picnic!
I normally don't wear costumes made by other people, but Scion is like a sister to me and her work is beyond amazing, so when she offered to do this for me, I couldn't say no! ...I cut out the fabric... that counts, right? XD

Anyway, I might post more of this set later, but for now enjoy my untimely death as a red shirt.

Costume by :iconthe-cosplay-scion:
Photo by :iconmajikku-tejina:
Editing by me!
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Aug 6, 2011, 3:48:00 AM
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Also  does the marines but people love them 
ArmyForTomorrow's avatar
mfleury75's avatar
Not if they are fighting Stormtroopers!!! 
Kamar-al-Zaman's avatar
Now I would like to see you as Nurse Chapel.
Red-Ribbon-Cosplay's avatar
Ooh! That's a definite possibility!
12miyuki34's avatar
I feel bad for the red shirts.
yellowplasma's avatar
Red Shirts absorb the danger so the "important" Yellows and Blues don't have to. CLASSIFIED STARFLEET REGULATION 999: Members of Operations/Command and or Science/Medical are not to enter potentially dangerous circumstances unless accompanied by the appropriate number of Security/Expendable personnel. [It was the ONLY regulation Kirk ever followed.]
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Beautiful! Really good outfit and pose. I note your comment above
Anyway, I might post more of this set later, but for now enjoy my untimely death as a red shirt.

Please can I request that you post more?
MrDockEllis's avatar
Very Sweet Shot, but redshirt females almost never died. Blue shirt females, now they were taking a risk . . .
TOS female expendable score: Blue: 3 Red: 1
Red-Ribbon-Cosplay's avatar
I know, but we had such a perfect location for this shot, so I had to do it!
MrDockEllis's avatar
And you did it in excellent fashion, especially that pose.
Are those boots star fleet regulation?
And next time pick up a phaser and weapons belt before you beam down.
At least, you'll have a modicum of a chance to live or more likely you'll just do the TOS dusting Trifecta: Fire phaser, yell, perish . . .
Rock on! :)
Red-Ribbon-Cosplay's avatar
The boots were a last minute thing. I finally have the right boots now! I know, I was totally unprepared to beam down. What was I thinking? :P
MrDockEllis's avatar
Well, I dunno, but now that you're prepped, report to the transporter room for landing party duty. :salute:

And might as well, snag another redshirt to go down with you, on the off chance they get snacked instead of you. :ambulance:
hgordon22's avatar
Wearing red in Star Trek is usually hazardous to your health! Great pic!
owenwatkin's avatar
It's true, they do!
Artman2112's avatar
lol, yup we must pity the red shirts for it is a sure sign of an early deth but at least you look great ;)
xHylianKnightx's avatar
Ohh, looks like you guys had fun! I wish I knew about the picnic... T.T
Winterhawk7's avatar
I agree with Scion. You have a very nice death pose
brilliant pic.

wonderful cosplay.

"To all those who gave their lives in the line of duty. dear red shirts we salute you."
The-Cosplay-Scion's avatar
We soooo need to have an epic shoot with all the red shirts!
sethbramwell's avatar
yeah she daid, Jim.

Nice cosplay! ^_^
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