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Bones sinking like stones
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Hello hello! I'm Red! I'm your local shy artist. "Nobody asked for this, but I drew it anyway" is basically my slogan as an artist. I love to talk to people, so feel free to say hi whenever you like. My dream is to become an animator and turn my original story, The Anonymous Effect, a webcomic. Besides that, I also have a dream of becoming a dog behaviourist/trainer since dog psychology is so interesting to me. I'm more active on tumblr and Discord these days, but I still drop by here rarely.

Special interests included the Coldplay, Steven Universe, Threadbanger, Super Mario, The Sims, and The Shadow Children Sequence. Non-fandom interests include aviation, dogs, art, and psychology.

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Favourite Visual Artist
Honestly so many online artists, I can't even begin to name them.
Favourite Movies
The Sixth Sense and The Secret of Kells
Favourite TV Shows
Steven Universe, Code Lyoko, Air Crash Investigations
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Coldplay, Andrew Bird, MIKA, Adonis
Favourite Books
Among the Hidden, The curious incident of the dog at night time, Extremely loud and incredibly close
Favourite Writers
Margaret Peterson Haddix
Favourite Games
Most Mario games, the Sims series, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, the DooM series, Katamari Damacy
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo Gamecube, Gameboy Advance SP
Tools of the Trade
Colored pencils and reguar pencils. Also learning how to use digital mediums.
Other Interests
Aviation, drawing, animals (dogs especially), writing, composing music, psychology, math, physics


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Red-Productions commented on FoomBerry's profile

Hey bud, long time no talk. Not sure if you even still use dA anymore. If not, you're free to add me on discord. Just shoot me a note.

Red-Productions commented on Red-Productions's profile

Hi, sorry for the super late reply. I don't really use this account much anymore. But I do remember seeing you around! :)

Red-Productions commented on Yark-Wark's profile
You were such a kind person and an inspiration to me as a younger artist nearly ten years ago. Thank you for the support and help that you gave me back then, and thank you for your contributions to the community. Gone way too soon.
One last thing! It looks like you've used the smudge/blur tool quite extensively. While it goes well with the drawing at hand, this is not really a good way to blend colors in most cases. It makes the lighting look unnatural. 
I Am Hate
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Hello man! I saw this and I just wanted to give you some constructive criticism.

First off, the positives. The colors go quite well together. The warmth is quite attractive and it caught my eye as I was browsing through DeviantArt. You did a rather good job with the anatomy and overall making a quite terrifying creature. The lighting and coloring is also done quite well. You have a definite light source, which most beginning artists seem to miss out on.

Now, let's talk about what you could do to overall improve. The way you seemed to make the fire is just so solid. I would understand if it was a stylist choice, but it kind of messes up the overall feel of the picture when everything else seems to look realistic. You can't really tell where the monster ends and the background begins in the drawing, this can leave a disconnect within the drawing. The burning body in the front (thats what I assume it is) doesn't really seem to have an accurate light source for it being on fire. It would be more light up. Overall, you did a pretty good job though. Keep up the good work!
I Am Hate