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+Wind Loves Me+

Once again I decided to colour one of :iconprincesselemmiriel: linearts:

My job makes me so tired and busy :__:. I have little time for myself. However, when I cannot draw I feel strange. I get frustrated and mad and it's as if I cannot breathe. Believe me, it's horrible X_X''. Only drawing can make me feel better and helps me get rid of my stress. Have you got the same problem?

This one was coloured with my markers and white gelpen , next edited in Photoshop CS3.

Lineart *PrincessElemmiriel She's got some pretty lines available for people to colour them. *-*.
Colours by me
Textures: ~kizistock
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You know, despite the fact that the cloth billowing in the wind looks cool and, what is the purpose of dressing with clothes like that anyways?
miratigerwings's avatar
oh wow *snickers* i thought the wind was hair for a second
Annanonyma's avatar
Great coloring.
its sooo prettttyy
dice41's avatar
YEah! whenever i'm stress or Overly happy .. i expressess it by drawing..
chibixestella's avatar
She has such a cute face!
Black-star-dinni's avatar
wow its so brilliant
mikisaywhat3738's avatar
FooFuu's avatar
amazing!! :O <3
RealityHunter02's avatar
this is so pretty! :D
zerahmercado's avatar
woah your coloring is sooo pretttyyyy <3
LeatherRuffian's avatar
I can't say anything you've, heard it all before *two thumbs up*
wytherwing's avatar
very pretty work! :)
MonsterKingdom's avatar
OneFreeInternet's avatar
That color combo is brilliant... :love:
ScorpionFan's avatar
Zyndarius's avatar
Very nice coloring work. Congrats.
RoronoaGirl's avatar
I can´t help but draw 98% of the time either. There are times I wake up with the NEED to draw, and I feel opressed when I´m asked to put my sketch pad away in math class XD
I even try to draw when I´m having an art block, resulting in horrible scribles and THOUSANDS of unfinished drawings in my art-folder XD
TheBeardedComic's avatar
Absolutely terrific coloring!
Clubodia's avatar
Wow, i love the colouring, shading, colour choice....the EVERYTHING~ Its so beautiful ^^
Chibakouru's avatar
yes, I kinda have the same problem that I knida get used to it

kinda sux but I like it
FowlHunter's avatar
Your coloring has improved so much, it's wonderful. :D
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