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Tutorial: Basic drawing tips

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First thing I'd like to explain: this tutorial absolutely doesn't include anatomy or digital coloring lessons. I think there are many good tutorials about it here on dA.
It' just the colllection of my basic tips which are helpful when we want to save some time. These are things I have learnt myself during the recent years and I'd like to share them with you. I hope it will help you to collect ideas, arrange composition of your drawings, and to avoid typical anatomy mistakes. Moreover, I presented some solutions for correcting mistakes or getting the balance of colors in a very quick way.

I'm aware they are very general tips but I think they can be helpful for the beginners.

Hope you will like this tutorial :]

:iconanikakinka: Thank you Dear for letting me use your artwork in the tutorial!
:iconinthename-stock: for the texture

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[link] TUTORIAL: Drawing Hair
[link] Editing Scanned Drawings
[link] Marker Tutorial- Part I
[link] Colouring Tutorial
[link] Drawing folds and frills in women's clothes
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ann47 General Artist
useful tutorial;)
XoLilith's avatar
XoLilithStudent General Artist
Nice tutorial! I really enjoyed the artwork! I might want to start a comic on deviant art sometime soon but I need a lot of art practice. Anyway It was good. :P
Pulsattrix's avatar
PulsattrixStudent General Artist
This is really helpful!  Thanks so much :D
Killerkirb's avatar
Now to learn how to sketch decently so I can go to step 2. :P
Lunangel07's avatar
I really really needed this, thank you so so much! <3
nuvy-stunner's avatar
nuvy-stunnerHobbyist General Artist
nice tutor :)
FunnehBunnehBob's avatar
FunnehBunnehBobHobbyist Digital Artist
Is it better to pencil before digital? I'm fairly new as far as both pencil and digital, but should I pencil the art first? or just jump into the digital program and make it?
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AliceSacco Digital Artist
I can't see mistakes by mirroring pictures. I see them by switching my drawing hand.
annafuru's avatar
I flip my drawing upside down to see my mistakes.
It's really interesting they way we can see our mistakes by just simply looking in a different way. :D
Red-Priest-Usada's avatar
Yeah.. that's a very useful trick :).
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AmenahHobbyist General Artist
This is so useful. I'll definitely be referring to your other tutorials as well - thank you so much for uploading them! n.n
Red-Priest-Usada's avatar
I'm happy to heart that! Thank you :].
AzaSket's avatar
This is useful for me. Thank you for sharing with us! ^^
Red-Priest-Usada's avatar
You're welcome :)
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sevenmilimetersHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is awesome...
btw, I like your style~
Gotta check your other tutorials.
WittleBanzaiTree's avatar
WittleBanzaiTree Digital Artist
This is helpful but the problem is i have not skills with photoshop or any digital paint besides Windows paint :/
WolfyBliss's avatar
WolfyBlissHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! <3
gusam's avatar
Great! Thank you!
VocaloidOtaku15's avatar
this will definatly help me! Thank you very much for this!
LoveisToxic's avatar
LoveisToxicStudent General Artist
I..don't have Photo-Shop...and no scanner T_T
odyssordain's avatar
odyssordainHobbyist General Artist
wonderful! thanks!
Lashkei's avatar
LashkeiHobbyist General Artist
I do the mirror techniuqe all the time, I thought I was the only one ^.^
dearmelody's avatar
dearmelodyStudent Digital Artist
Very helpful, thank you c:
Strawb3rry-D3mon's avatar
Strawb3rry-D3monStudent Traditional Artist
This is very helpful(: i always have trouble trying to pick which colors
would go well together, for example picking the color of the shadows
to put over the base color.
Again excellent advice!
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