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TUTORIAL: Cleaning linearts

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As I promised, here is my second tutorial. This time I'd like to explain the way I clean my pencil linearts.
When they are finished I print them on the sheet of paper and start colouring them traditionally with my markers.
By the way, since some of you asked, I'm going to make a copic tutorial next :].

Thank you so much for your kind words. I'm very happy that my previous tutorial was helpful.

Credits: `Princess-of-Shadows for the texture, =anikakinka for giving me tips with a dodge tool :]

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[link] TUTORIAL: Basic Drawing Tips
[link] Marker Tutorial- Part 1
[link] Drawing folds and frills in women's clothes
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Omg, I think I'm gonna fave all your tutorials! <33333
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mitchAwayProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you so much I'm gonna try this out
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You're welcome :)
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thanks for the tutorial!
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IrisMiwakoHobbyist General Artist
Thank you!! :heart: :heart:
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KinimiHucashiStudent General Artist
Thank you~~~!
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RaptecClawtoothHobbyist General Artist
At Least!! someone whos teach me use curves and brighness/contrast!!!!
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Can't thank you enough for this tutorial you saved me a lot mof trouble!
Red-Priest-Usada's avatar
I'm happy to hear that :)
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BattyeChanHobbyist General Artist
awesome tutorial thanks!!
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senrifeHobbyist General Artist
Oh man, you're a life saver!
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LittleAsuraHobbyist Traditional Artist
Excuse me~ Do you use the Brightness/Contrast and Curves on your artwork? Or you use a certain method? :D
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When I was doing this tutorial my favourite method was to adjust my image with Curves and Brightness/Contrast. Now I'm using only Levels.
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LittleAsuraHobbyist Traditional Artist
I see?

Oh, another question! When you're sketching the drawing, did you use a lot of pressure when sketching it? I tried scanning my sketch and the scanner didn't do a good job scanning it, since I can't see any signs of sketch in it. o_o
Red-Priest-Usada's avatar
Yes, I use a lot of pressure (too much I think, since it's hard to erase the lines later ^^;). If your lineart is very bright then then the best option would be to make the lines darker in the scanner settings. Umm.. when you scan your drawing, is there an option of brightness/contrast or Levels in the open window of the scanning program?
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LittleAsuraHobbyist Traditional Artist
I am not sure myself because my main PC's language is purely Chinese (it can't be turned back to English.) and I rarely thought of checking the scanner's settings. I've recently checked my scanner setting, there were some things you can fiddle on, but it merely darkens the whole photo and I still cannot see the sketch. ^ ^;
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j-uyen3Hobbyist General Artist
AHH I love you so much for making this tutorial!!! Thank you, it was more helpful than any other tutorial I have tried to use! :iconletmehugyouplz:
Red-Priest-Usada's avatar
You're welcome :)
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TrueTaureanProfessional Traditional Artist
Many thanks for sharing your expertise
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FINALLY a tutorial that helps with line arts!! Mad'am I wish I could shake your hand but since this is the internet an icon will have to do lol :iconhandshakeplz:
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Did you use paint tool sai?
Red-Priest-Usada's avatar
Nope, it was Photoshop CS 3 or 4.
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Thank You :D
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RatchetJakHobbyist Digital Artist
This tutorial was like a gift from heaven. lol
All metaphors aside, I really enjoy reading through this and I definitely will try this out. When I first got into digital art, I used to just ink my pencil lines with art pens, then clean them up with the eraser tool in Photoshop before I attempted to color it. It was so very time consuming erasing all those dirty areas on it... *faint* lol
Then I started inking my lines in Paint tool Sai. A bit faster then doing my old method but still could be pretty time consuming. I was hoping to find a solution that involved using the pencil lines and just darkening them to the point that you could create it into line art without having to digitally ink it and well, just have to say, I think this is the tutorial I have been searching for lol. I'll definitely try this tomorrow on my new art. :D
Thanks again for the tutorial! ^^
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