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Marker Tutorial- Part I

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UPDATE: Since =anikakinka and =gazdowna made me remember about TRIA's problems with their caps and the ink getting dried, I decided to update my tutorial about it. It seems that the first batch was defective because the caps do not close correcty. If you have your Tria markers completely dried out, try to take off the nibs from one side and pour some alcohol (thanks KnP for your advice)

I finally finished the first part of my marker tutorial I promised you a very long time ago. I'm really sorry for making you wait but I had some serious problems with covering all the most important things. I'm aware I din't not explain everything but I will try to tell you more in the second part where I will concentrate on coloring with markers.

I'm not gonna describe Prismacolors or Touch markers because I didn't use them myself. Also, I can't give the proper addresses of places where I bought my markers since some of them I got via Ebay and other in some art shops in Poland (mainly in Warsaw). As far as I know, you can buy them on Internet.

=gazdowna for some photos used in this guide
Also, some photos are made by me, others are taken from brochures and official marker sites (since I couldn't take good quality photos with my bad camera).

[link] TUTORIAL: Cleaning Pencil Linearts
[link] TUTORIAL: Drawing Hair
[link] TUTORIAL: Basic Drawing Tips
[link] Editing Scanned Drawings
[link] Colouring Tutorial
[link] Drawing folds and frills in women's clothes
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Wow! If examples, i don't have promarker or prismacolor or copic, but use ordinary marker(Crayola marker or another markers) is allowed? For future make me drawing.
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zoogrrlHobbyist Digital Artist
have you ever tried spectrum noir? do you have any special advice for them like you do the other brands?
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I'm sorry but I never used them before so I can't give any advice here.
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I know this post is super old, but I have a question and hope you/someone else can answer it :) I bought one, yes only one to test, copic marker today, but the paper I tried it on.. i don't know, it sounded really 'dry' when I used the copic marker on it and it didn't get the watercolor effect I was hoping for, plus when I colored larger areas I could immediately see the 'lines' of where I went over the same part again. Hmm, what kind of paper should I use? 
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What kind of paper did you use? For markers there are special marker pads which prevent drawings from getting drenched with marker ink.

I recommend:

- Canson i01.i.aliimg.com/wsphoto/v0/32…
- Letraset www.artfire.com/uploads/produc…
- Copic www.mccallisters.com/images/co…
- Too www.mccallisters.com/images/co…

There are more good marker pads but I only listed my personal favs. If you need any help please don't hesitate to ask :).
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Thank you so much for answering! Are these pads for beneath your paper?
And I used canson Mi-Teintes, it's actually for pastell, 50% coton and 75;b (don't know what you need to know haha)
I also tested it on 'normal' paper and on canson dessin 85lb. But on all the papers it sounds so dry, I can't color evenly
and I don't get the water color effect I was hoping for either.
The shop I bought this paper did sell special marker paper, but it was quite expensive, especially considering I only
have one marker and I wanted to try it first.
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Umm.. I don't recommend pads for pastell. The thing is that marker's ink is quite wet and it recquires thick (I use Cream Mi-Teintes Canson A4 sheets, they've got a nice texture and marker ink blends nicely) or wax coevered pads .
The second one is quite expensive and it's  covered with wax on the other side to prevent ink from soaking. The paper is very thin but the wax works here perfectly. In my opinion, it's one of the best paper to get a watercolour effect.
Unfortunately, the really good marker pads are not cheap ;/.
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Thought so. They said it would work fine, but I had my doubts. Thanks for helping me out :)
Just to make sure. The woman in the store said I could make the markers wet. I think you'll ruin them, but I am not sure. Have you ever tried that?
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Nope, I didn't try to make them wet. I know what to do when the markers get dry. You have to pour the drop of alcohol on the tip of the nib.
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RicedragonsHobbyist General Artist
Anyone know about the Korean Touch Markers? They have the same effect as copics without the ridiculous price.
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ArutheHobbyist General Artist
That's exactly what I got from a friend and was about to try them. They look good for me I guess.
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JiekobuStudent Digital Artist
Very helpful and informative
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I would so want to own copics, for the many colours, but they are too expensive and harder to find! Where I live, I have found promarkers in shops and online, I got mine because I saw them in Hobby Craft... that place is beautiful... but Copics are like no where to be seen!!! ...except maybe online...
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Kiedy można spodziewać się części 2?
Red-Priest-Usada's avatar
Nie moge się nigdy za nią zabrać ^^;;;.
Carrammba's avatar
Więc trzymam kciuki za rychły przypływ weny, bardzo mnie zainteresowało to malowanie markerami i chciałbym dowiedzieć się czegoś więcej tym bardziej że twój tutorial jest pierwsza klasa :)
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ynne-black Digital Artist
Promarkers are almost the same expensive as Copics :D
Red-Priest-Usada's avatar
Not in my country where promarkers' price is twice lower.
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ynne-black Digital Artist
lucky you then :(
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haniipopHobbyist Traditional Artist
It's hard to see the sketchpads' names here. Can someone tell me?
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JasmineTeenHobbyist Digital Artist
It gave me quite a comprehensive understanding of markers! Quite helpful and thx!!!
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ramen-dragonStudent General Artist
So helpful! Thank you for taking the time to put this together!
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Doodle-FishHobbyist General Artist
Ahhh, very useful. Thanks :)
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I own Touch markers they are actually very good.
But I like the ciao markers because of their brush tips. :)
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