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The buttons are now available for sale at our online shop :iconvanilla-yoghurt:.
Diameter: 38mm

If you're interested in buying please visit us here:

There is also other merchandise featuring:
- D.G-Man
- Vampire Knight
- Soul Eater
- Naruto
and many more... Check them out! :]

Thanks in adance for purchasing our items :heart:
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daww... lovely! I might just have to have the whole set!
onceuponadoodle's avatar
Your ordering period is over... T_____T this makes me sad face... I honestly would buy this whole set... Contact me if you're willing to sell me a set! <3
AmethystMoon420's avatar
......... I WANT THESE!!!!
Lonnie-23's avatar
nekokikyo9's avatar
I want those so bad now there so awesome!!!!!!!!they look so cute to!!
rikuxsora158's avatar
you know what i need all of those buttons!!!!!! :3
Ah I love it XD But it makes me feel like a pedo XD ack
Shiiwolf's avatar
I love how everybody's drawn in bishie style and Fong is just there looking perfectly normal. XD
rosepetalzz's avatar
OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMGGGMMGMGOMGOMGOMOGMkasdkfasdjfalsdjfhla jdhl akjdfhakjdfhakjfhakdfhladjkfh i want i want i want it so baddllyyy i love katekyo hitman reborn i love it my number oen fav anime i jsut love this i want it O_O i want it
Red-Priest-Usada's avatar
I'm going to open a sale of these buttons tommorrow so you can buy them online from me.
rosepetalzz's avatar
okay ;D ill ask my parents ;D im in solve with anything that has to do with khr
Red-Priest-Usada's avatar
Ok :3. I'm also a big fan of KHR so I really understand you :D
* buys a lot of KHR-oriented merchandise herself: p
rosepetalzz's avatar
XD that would be funny if u actually bought some for your self XD
rosalieyukivehenzual's avatar
i love these they are so cute and hi im new
ohh myyy gawwwdd!!!! i just freakin' started this manga & its so..idk different but very enjoyable:]
salil-chan's avatar
I love your buttons but I know you did them a long time ago now and I would like to ask you a question : Do you think you will maybe (it's just to know) do another buttons but with simon family? (I don't know if you read "reborn" but maybe you have a friend who could explain it to you?) I love very much your drawings and this manga but I saw you are drawing about your story now (I didn't understand well if it's your fanfic or a book but if there is a title could you write him somewhere please?) THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR YOUR DRAWINGS AND YOUR TUTORIALS!!!!!!! and thank too if you rode this message!
Red-Priest-Usada's avatar
There's no way I could not know SIMON. I'm always up-to-date with newest manga chapters :D. I definitely wouldn'y mind to make a button with Enma - he's a cute boy! Are you interested in any particular character? Which Simon member do you like the most?
Thanks to your comment, I realized I have to draw Hibari in his new uniform *hyper fangirl mode on*. :P
salil-chan's avatar
Sorry to awnser so late!
But if I can choose a particular character (another than Enma, because I think like you about him!)I would like the forest guardian (koyo right? the one with glasses!)because I like boxe!yes I know it is boy's sport and it hurt but!Their fight is the third in my favorit ranking because:
First: enma VS tsuna! and Second hibari Vs adelheid but if you ever drawn hibari in his new uniform it is perfect!
But in the same time could you do Chrome? (sorry to ask so much but like you know you do what you want!)
PS: I'm sorry to had think you don't read reborn but in my life I don't know a lot of guys whose know reborn and like it!(in real life) so I 'm very happy to know than a good drawer like you is a great fan!
Thank you!
Red-Priest-Usada's avatar
OK :}. Then I accept your request. I have never drawn Chrome before so it's the right time to do so :].
salil-chan's avatar
Thank you very much!
Ps: I 'm very happy when you answer me so thank you again :D
Red-Priest-Usada's avatar
No need to thank me :].
salil-chan's avatar
It's my choice!:p
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