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Colouring tutorial

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Ok. Maybe it's not a typical tutorial since I didn't discuss many aspects but I wanted to make it comprehensible. Sorry for any mistakes- it's my first tutorial.
I focused on my own way od colouring. Of course it's not like 'must be"- everyone has its own way and the secret is to find the best solution for yourself : 3.

To be honest, my colouring skills were influenced by various artists, especially from dA. I learned a lot from :iconshilin: (soft shading) and :iconyumedust: (skin shading , making the seperate hair strips) and from Ciel ( colour schemes and shading). I was taught many helpful things by :iconradittz: (photoshop tricks).
I owe them a lot :heart: Thank you Girls *bows*

I hope you will find this tutorial useful. I showed you how I shade skin, hair, clothes and how I match the colours and textures.
It's not a tutorial for the very beginners- to understand it you have to possess basic Photoshop knowledge.

To get a bigger version click on the download button on the left

Many thanks to =anikakinka for beta-testing <3.

I also recommend these tutorials:
- soft shading [link]
- textures [link]

If you need textures then please type it in your Google search and you will find a lot of useful sites. There are also some great textures made by dA users.

If any questions don't hesitate to ask :]

[link] TUTORIAL: Cleaning Pencil Linearts
[link] TUTORIAL: Drawing Hair
[link] TUTORIAL: Basic Drawing Tips
[link] Editting Scanned Drawings
[link] Marker Tutorial- Part I
[link] Drawing folds and frills in women's clothes
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ann47 General Artist
useful tutorial!:)
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thanks for the tutorial!
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BeholdentoloveHobbyist Digital Artist
I love the way you draw flowers! So beautiful and whimsical!
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TheMoonPicnicSocietyStudent Digital Artist
What brushes do you use? :)
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Recently I do not colour in Photoshop because I don't like its brushes. I prefer Sair because there is a marker, brush and watercolour brush which blend colours nicely.

In this old tutorial I was using a soft round brush with low opacity in Photoshop.
TheMoonPicnicSociety's avatar
TheMoonPicnicSocietyStudent Digital Artist
Ahh, I just switched from SAI to Photoshop because I got sick of SAI's crap memory usage and lack of filters. But thank you! You really helped me!
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firestudyHobbyist Photographer

can I ask you a question???

How do you separate the hair from the rest of the art work???
Sugary-Stardust's avatar
Looks wonderful; thank you so much! I'm hoping to try out a new style of art. :)
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xXTwinkerXXHobbyist Digital Artist
this is awsome, pretty drawing, oh and you helped me alot with that turitorial :aww: thanks~
Red-Priest-Usada's avatar
You're welcome!
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xXTwinkerXXHobbyist Digital Artist
besides, you did a awsome job on this :aww:
xXTwinkerXX's avatar
xXTwinkerXXHobbyist Digital Artist
your welcome
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PinkuValentineHobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for posting this <3
Nekocin's avatar
Wow. Thank you for the tutorial.
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UntappedChaosHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, I was SO hoping you had one like this, and YES YOU DID. You're awesome. XP My linearts are finally starting to improve... but my coloring hasn't matured, since I haven't been working on it. TT_TT Thanks for your tutorials; they're always so amazing!
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Icepearl14Hobbyist General Artist
I know this is old, and you're probably wondering why im commenting, but I have a question :D

The main thing I'm trying to figure out is how to color lineart and to make the colors blend. Do you know?

By the way, great tutorial!:)
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Nossa, esse tutorial me ajudou muito. Muito obrigado!
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which color did you use for skin? cause im nt sure which shade is the best :P
Red-Priest-Usada's avatar
I use different colors for a skin- but it's something between light orange and red.
The easiest way to grab the color is to take a picture where you like the skin tone, open it in Photoshop and use an eyedropper to get it.
SeraphineKH's avatar
what is your base color for skin?
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Raw-JHobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the help, very complete
Red-Priest-Usada's avatar
You're welcome : )
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ElderweissStudent General Artist
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