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Chibi Fruit Ninja-Deidara



Another of Chibi Fruit ninja series- this time Deidara..un..
I keep on drawing the series while I still feel some power to do it @_@. Hope you will enjoy it despite I made it very quickly- just during one day.
Deidara as teh banana- since now eating bananas will never be the same again. I will feel as if I eat Deidaras @__@ *hugs her Deidara-bananas*.
I tried to not think about something dirty while drawing it but it was impossible D8. *dirty thoughts mode on*

P.S Sorry for any mistakes in writing but I'm half asleep #__#

Deidara (c) Masashi Kishimoto
Chibi Fruit Ninja series (c) me

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[link] Special Limited Edition Chibi Freshmaker Kisamentos
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Explosive bananas... I couldn't come with anything else