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Stop. Breathe. Sigh
Stop. Breathe. Sigh.
Stop. Breathe. Sigh.
Stop. Breathe. Sigh.

You wanted to know…
You wanted to know me in every way possible
The sweet lies you wove into my mind
Every part that I believed
They all hurt me now
I cry, I weep, I can't stop
You pulled me close to you where I couldn't breathe
Where I suffocated
In every way you hurt
Just like I do and I can't say I'm sorry
I can't, I won't, I didn't…
I didn't mean to hurt you either
But you hurt me first
You tucked the loose strands of hair behind my ear
Whispering sweet nothings to me
You breathed my life and sucked it dry
I didn't want to believe that you'd hurt me
But you did with everything you had
You hurt me even when I cried out
It may sting, it may be burn, it will never hurt worse
Then right now when you turned back all the lies you said
And finally
Finally told the truth
"I never loved you"
Stop. Breathe. Sigh.
Stop. Breathe. Sigh.
Stop. Breathe. Sigh.
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Read Carefully
Let go of my hand
His heart says she's the one
She is waiting
My windows are breaking…
:iconred-panda-chan:Red-Panda-Chan 1 9
Hey Say JUMP fanfic Chapter 9
Chapter Nine:
Since last night I haven’t stopped smiling. Misaki had asked me to be his girl! I was so excited I wanted to fall over and roll around in my happiness. But then I remembered something, no one knew about this. No one at all… well besides me and Misaki. So I’m taking this chance to find Mirai, who it seems like I haven’t seen in a decade, to tell her the wonderful news. Where is she anyways?
I went to her room and she had her room phone off the hook next to her as she was sleeping. She was probably up late talking to Ryunosuke. God she likes him too much.
“Mirai,” I whispered in her ear.
“Uwaaaaaaa~,” she groaned and rolled over. “It’s too early… for waking… up.”
“Then I guess you don’t want to hear how Misaki asked me out last night,” I said sighing and sitting on her bed.
“What?!” she shot up and grabbed me by the shoulders. “Tell me everything!”
“Alright, alright! Jus
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One Plus One Equals Two Ch 2
Chapter Two:
Yunho was still standing as Changmin walked out and placed a hand on his shoulder, he was trying to hide his laughter.
“I thought you said she would say yes,” Yunho grumbled his eyes still on the spot Yeonhee had once stood.
“I never said that,” Changmin couldn’t hide it anymore and let out a chuckle. “I said she would be perfect to piss Seulgi off but a girl like Lee Yeonhee is someone who is unsocial and doesn’t date.”
“Then how is she perfect to piss Seulgi off?” Yunho asked glaring at Changmin as he seethed with anger.
“Because she’s the most loved yet most hated in school. She’s the other Queenka,” Changmin stated.
“Other Queenka…?” Yunho wondered his eyes drifting back to the gates Yeonhee had just left.
“And anyways she’s right,” Changmin stretched his arms as Yunho looked at him skeptically. “You do need tutoring.”
“Yah!” Yunho whacked Changmin on
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This Boy I Once Met
There was once this boy I met
He was so happy and so carefree
But even though he meant so much to me
His friends and his family.
God had to take him away
Up above the sky to Heaven
He’ll be with God we know
And there they’ll take care of him
This boy was something very special
That everyone knew him for his smile
But now he’s gone
And we won’t be able to see him for a while
It seems unfair that he was taken away
From us with no warning
But that special boy
He wouldn’t want us mourning.
This boy I once met
Is now forever in our memory
He’s up in Heaven where he can watch us
And forever be free.
In Loving Memory of Our Very Own Chris Odle
We love you and hope you rest in peace
:iconred-panda-chan:Red-Panda-Chan 0 0
One Plus One Equals Two
Let me tell you a story. It’s about a boy and a girl who fall in love and it’s like every fairy tale story that you’ve heard. Well that’s what everyone’s been telling me, but is it really? I mean yeah it’s got the usual factors of a love story but what happens when he’s not as bad ass as everyone says he is? What if she’s not as cold hearted as everyone makes her out to be?
:iconred-panda-chan:Red-Panda-Chan 0 0
Catch Me
I know the words spoken
The music box that’s broken
By your long fingers
The taste of your lips hinders
The look in your eyes
A little of my heart dies
As you press your lips on hers
The wheels they turn
Faster and faster they turn
But my heart it starts to burn
The clock has struck twelve
But this isn’t a fairy tale
I’m still dressed like a princess
But I’m feeling a little less
This night when you spin her and hold her close
It’s all very morose
To me who watches
Falling and falling but no one catches
The little girl playing make-believe
As the one she loves deceives
But who is this catching me?
I turn so he won’t see
My eyes that leak
Leaving water streaks
He pulls me into his chest
And I look up and press
My fingers to his face
Making sure he’s real just in case
The world slips from my finger tips
But he presses his lips
Against my forehead
And lays me to bed
This man who makes the burn
And the wheels that turn
:iconred-panda-chan:Red-Panda-Chan 1 2
Hey Say JUMP fanfic Chapter 8
Chapter Eight:
Finally we made it to the house and as we came into view of the lake the class was swimming, having fun. Just like I used to when I was younger.
“You want to go swimming?” Ryosuke asked looking at me.
“No,” I sighed sadly, I would love to go swimming.
“Come on,” he whined. “It’ll be lots of fun!”
“Yuri?!” we both turned to look at the commotion in the water.
“Where is he?!”
I could barely see a person floating on the top of the surface of the water. He was slowly starting to sink and I didn’t have time to think. I pulled off my shirt and pants, thank god I was wearing my swimsuit or that would’ve been embarrassing, then I dived into the water towards the floating figure.
When I got to him it was in fact Yuri; his body facing down into the water. I turned him over and grabbed him around the waist and started to paddle to the shore. Man, for a tiny kid it was hard lugging him back to the shore.
:iconred-panda-chan:Red-Panda-Chan 3 4
Hey Say JUMP fanfic Chapter 7
Chapter Seven:
I woke up to the sounds of birds chirping and the rustling of trees being blown in the wind. The smell of the nature told me it would be a nice day for a hike.
I got up slowly from my bed and dressed in a light blue shirt and long shorts with tennis shoes and my hair tied up in a pony tail. Once I was done I went downstairs and saw Sun Mi standing around waiting for someone to come down.
“There you are!” she exclaimed. “Hurry we need to get going!”
“Where’s everyone else?” I asked confused.
“Not many of the kids wanted to go,” Sun Mi’s smile fell a bit. “But the good thing is that it’s me, you and Ryosuke.”
“What about Mirai?” I said wondering where she went off to.
“She’s still sleeping and when she wakes up she’ll probably call Ryunosuke again,” she said as we headed outside where Ryosuke was waiting.
“Hey,” I smiled waving.
“Morning,” he smiled c
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Hey Say JUMP fanfic Chapter 6
Chapter Six:
“Kenny!” I exclaimed happily and jumped up and hugged him tightly.
“Chae Ri!” he exclaimed hugging me back. I looked up and smiled at him, Kenny is like my ultimate big brother. Even though he’s not related to me in any way. He’s 23 going on 24 next month. He’s getting so old but how else would he have been my babysitter when I was younger?
“You’re old now!” I smiled happily.
“Old and engaged!” he replied.
“You finally got up the courage to ask her?” I teased elbowing him in the stomach playfully.
“Actually she said no the first time,” he pondered.
“Really?” my eyes went wide. Well as wide as they get for an Asian.
“Yeah, then I asked her again and she said yes,” he looked down at me. “She said she had to ask her dad first before I get her answer.”
“Who’s engaged to who?” I looked back to remember Ryosuke was still in the room.
“Ryosuke this is
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Hey Say JUMP fanfic Chapter 5
Chapter Five:
“Sit down Chae Ri,” he said in a deep voice that could collapse a city if angry.
“No need I’m not staying,” I replied not budging from my spot.
“I said sit down,” his voice was a little frustrated.
“You can’t tell me what to do,” I said still not moving.
“I said sit down damn it!” he yelled and I still wouldn’t move.
“I already know what you’re going to say,” I was still calm. Rule number one: don’t give in; it shows weakness. “You’re going to tell me I either have to go home to dad or I have to move in with you, and I refuse to.”
“That is not for you to decide,” he was calm again as he put his glasses on and went through some paperwork.
“It is for me to decide because I don’t want to live with you or go home,” I argued as he looked up.
“I will not allow my granddaughter to live with ten boys!” he was yelling again. “You are the heir
:iconred-panda-chan:Red-Panda-Chan 2 1
Hey Say JUMP fanfic Chapter 4
Chapter Four:
He had shaggy black hair and he was tall, maybe six foot. Well at least he was taller than me. He looked at me and smiled and I blushed. He was so hot. After the groceries were paid for he helped me take them outside.
“Thanks,” I smiled at him.
“You’re welcome,” he replied. “Just don’t forget your money next time.”
“I won’t,” I said.
“You’re in year 1 right?” he asked.
“Yeah,” I answered. “And you’re in…?
“I’m in your class,” he said as I blushed in embarrassment.
“Hey! Misaki!” I looked up to see Ryosuke walking towards us. Well wasn’t he a little late? He should’ve showed up when I was didn’t have money to pay for food.
“Yo Ryosuke!” he waved and they did a handshake. I swear males and their crazy gangster handshakes.
“You found her,” he sighed looking at me.
“You know her?” Misaki asked pointing at me with
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Hey Say JUMP fanfic Chapter 3
Chapter Three:
I stomped into the kitchen to look for some breakfast as Ryosuke walked in; he took one look at me and backed up.
“What’s up with you?” he asked.
“Yuto,” was all I said then took a bite out of a Pocky stick.
“He wake you up this morning?” he gave me a look of sympathy as I nodded angry. “I’m so sorry.”
“You told me this would be hard,” I sighed. “So I should have saw your guys’ craziness coming.”
“Well you should see them before concerts,” he sighed taking a seat at the kitchen table and I sat next to him. “They go completely whacko.”
“Nice choice of words,” I laughed.
“Thanks,” he smiled laughing with me. “Anyways, I have to go, I’ll see you at school.”
“Yeah,” he stood up and walked out of the kitchen just as Staci and Sarah walked in.
“Time for school!” Staci pumped a fist in the air.
“Let’s bounce,” Sarah
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Hey Say JUMP fanfic Chapter 2
Chapter Two:
I had gotten up at about six thirty and had worked on cleaning every single part of the house. Every corner was cleaned and sparkling. I had barged into everyone’s rooms so I could get them clean because seriously… who wants to live in a pigsty? It was that ridiculous.
“Chae Ri!” Staci walked into Yuya’s room, which I was cleaning, and grabbed my arm. “Johnny will be here soon.”
She walked me down the stairs and sat me at a really long dining table and smiled at me reassuringly. Was I being interviewed or something…?
“He’s here!” Yuri exclaimed as Johnny walked in behind him.
“Thanks for the introduction Yuri,” Johnny said sarcastically and sat down next to me. “I talk to your parents.”
“What’d they say?” I wondered out loud.
“They say it was fine,” he replied. “Your dad is just glad that you’re safe and not dead and your mother… well…”
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Hey Say JUMP fanfic Chapter 1
Chapter One:
“Flight 264 to Los Angeles is boarding now,” an intercom came on at the airport.
I had my backpack on and I my passport and ticket in hand. My family and I were moving to the states. We were living in Seoul, South Korea but then took a vacation to Japan and now were on our way to a new home and a new life.
We were about to board when my stepmother looked around in search of something. She looked at me with a glare and then smiled brightly.
“Oh, I forgot my purse,” she tried to act surprised. “Sweetie can you go get it?” she asked me innocently. But people should know she’s the least innocent person in the world. Her and her twins, all three just as annoying and bossy.
“What if I—” my dad cut me off.
“Hurry and get it for your mom,” he said as he handed his passport and ticket to the attendant.
“Alright,” I gave up and ran back to the waiting area searching for her black Coach purse.
I looked aroun
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Hey Say JUMP fanfic Prologue
The pretty brunette took a drink of her soda with its sweet and bubliness. Her name was Han Chae Ri and she had been walking for some time down the streets of Shibuya wondering where she should go not noticing the pretty boy walking in her direction.
He had seen her a few times walking with her curls bouncing as she walked and her eyes bright like she had just seen the world for the first time, but he didn’t expect to see her again as he was walking down the street.
But that’s usually how Yamada Ryosuke was his thoughts always disturbed by something. Now he was thinking about his lousy day so far as Chae Ri ran into him, her cola spilling on his shirt.
“I’m so sorry!” she exclaimed taking a napkin and trying to dry it.
“No it’s alright,” he said trying to dry it too.
“No it’s not,” Chae Ri disagreed and looked around quickly. When she found a suitable store she looked back at Ryosuke. “Come with me.” She grabbed his hand
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