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Hurrah for Zangieff the Russian Wrestler!! This is probably my favourite of my streetfighter inked pics so far. Zangieff is alot of fun to draw....the big friendly lug....

He seems like one of the crappest players to choose, and easy to beat, but once you master his spinning pile-driver, he was pretty deadly. I went with the U.S.S.R symbol on his belt because in my heart "Zangee" (as he is known by the great bears which he defeated during the cold war) has always been from that era. In the original game he was form U.S.S.R so he's got to represent the hammer n sickle!

One of these days I will post the pencils for this one, and you guys will see how rough they really were...Not much more than a simple breakdown really, which is why I think the inks came out quite full of life. Yeah...I messed up on bits of the anatomy, but I still like it.

Has anyone seen the official capcom art for this guy? He always has a little spurt of blood comming off his head...whats with that anyway? Apparently the great Zangieff is also gay according to the official capcom text books...not that there is anything wrong with that.... Ok... I'm rambling now.

Please enjoy!


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Salutations! I hope you don't mind me throwing some colours on your Zangief. This is how it turned out.


- Zen
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