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TMNT Amazing Adventures 1 Cover

By Red-J
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Hey guys!

Just wanted to share the finished cover art for TMNT Amazing Adventures #1.

This is a NEW title coming out from IDW based on the animated series. It sounds like its gonna be a lot of fun, and a good jumping on point!

It is now available for order from previews, which means you can go to your local comic shop and let them know that you want them to save a copy for you.

For the art heads:
My pencils and inks with background paints by my old time friend and collaborator :icon-seed-:


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great work on the perspective
and poses :nod:
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I can hear the theme song for the teenage mutant ninja turtles just by  looking at this fantastic piece of art here!
karikurirahamilton's avatar
One can never get bored of the ninja turtles ever!!! :D 
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It's ninja time, yo!
RavenShinobu's avatar
Woah! This came together so nicely! Well done mate! And congrats!
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so awesome! I love your turtles and art style.
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Great! I love the work on that background. :)
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Nice reference to the original cartoon opening with the composition and colors.  I'll be picking this up!
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Yeah! To be honest i wasnt referencing anything, but I did kinda have the opening intro from the arcade game in mind. If we captured that flavour, im stoked!

ill be keen to hear your thoughts on the comic!

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Either way it looks great!  Looking forward to its release.
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thanks man!
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Looks great man, nice combo with the comic style art and painted background!
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Thanks man!
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THIS A PIECE IS ROCKING MAN!!!!  Those colors really help bring it all together.   Love the painted background.   Makes this feel more animated. :D 
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Heh... Yeah, thought i would try that for something a little different. Hope to do some covers like this in the future.
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Can't wait man!  Really hope to see your interiors soon.  BTW that Dino comic was pretty sweet.  
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Nice work,besides :iconbenbates: Ben Bates,I really appreciate your style of work too! ;) :D 

I'll be sure to read this one! :w00t:
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Great! Cant wait to hear what you think of the book.

i really like Bens work too!
TMNTComicsArt's avatar
Most definitely! ;) :dummy: No worries,I'm going feature you soon in my journal too~ As a fellow professional / film and animation artist,I enjoy featuring IDW artists,and whoever loves drawing TMNT. :) 
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One kick-ass cover! Nice work from both of you!
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Love the colors and movement. I can hear them shout out "PARTEH TIME!" XD
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