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Batman TMNT Adventures Cover 01

Hey guys!
I know it's been a minute since I have caught up with you guys here, but I wanted to let you know what I've been up to!

So, here is the cover for Batman TMNT Adventures number 1... Published by IDW and DC - This is the first in a 5 issue series, and I am on art duties including covers and insides.

For this cover I collaborated with pacman23 who is an artist I have greatly admired for a long time. Glad we got to work on this piece together and hopefully there will be more in the future.

The first issue hit stands this week, so be sure to go grab one from your comic shop before they all sell out!

Hope you like!

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So it was you who made the cover and the art inside...Dude so want your autograph on my copy of the book ^^
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The reason Batman and the Ninja Turtles are compatible is because they both live in the shadows.
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Ironic I am reading the "collaborated with pacman23" part, and realizing that, while searching for fan art that had Deadpool, Spidey, and Spawn in one piece  (that i was JUST looking at) , it led me to remembering to find your deviantart page again. Didn't expect a full-circle effect, but that's oddly awesome, and, of course, so is THIS! I about did a triple check when I saw the "redJ" on this cover. It's good to know that great talent can AND does it get noticed by the right people! 
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wow, excellent work! i love the style!
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SO GOOD TO SEE YOU BACK! Your Line Art and Artwork in general was inspirational to me. If I'm Drawing sketches of your stuff in my Blackbooks and bustin' Graffiti burners of one of your Drawings that says alot. :nod:

Sucks you too aren't doing the Artwork INSIDE of the Comic Books. When I found out the scam alot of Comic Book Companies started doing--hiring high-end well-known Comic Illustrators to do the cover while having a unknown with sub-par Artwork illustrate the series. At that point I knew the End of a Era was over. These Companies need to hire more People like you and :iconpacman23: (who looks like a Ninja smoking a Blunt in that Avi/Avatar for some reason), that's we we wanna see INSIDE the Comics as well.

The more I think about it it's almost like False Advertising, except you can at LEAST read the Comic in the Stores to see who did what. When you see a Movie Poster it has the Actors and Actresses in it--do you know what would happen if they hired unknown Thespians from Community/Dinner Theater to look like said Actors/Actresses on Movie Posters and the Trailers shown all over TV? Nobody would be having that!

Oh yeah--Happy Birthday Redd-Jeezy!!!!!:iconhappybirthdaysignplz::iconbirthdaycakeplz::partyairborne::dance::boogie:
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haha. Thanks man!

I have some good news for you. I actually did do the INSIDES of this book as well! All me for 20 pages! Go get it :)
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OH SHIT!!!!!! Ok I haven't read Comics in awhile but I most DEF know where to go--
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Yoo! Yup we need to work on more stuff together my dude!
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"I wish this was a thing..."
I said to myself.
Then I read the rest of this and rejoiced.
I will be getting a copy of this. 

Thank you.

-sincerely, a random passerby that added you to their watch.

P.S. Thank you for combining two of my most favorite things. This is truly a spoon full of sugar.
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Great, glad to hear it! Hope it lives up to your expectations!

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This is great! Well done!
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Congrats man!  Glad you landed this comic.  I loved the first issue
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That pic is soooooo cool.
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Yeah bought this the other day. Great looking book. The color is awesome too.
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Great art from cover to cover! Look forward to the rest of the series. The Splash page with Michelangelo is awesome.
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When I first saw it I thought it was Tokyo Ghoul cause of Batman in the moon 😂
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You know, if you blur your vision a little, batman would look like he's part of the moon. Like him plus the moon equals another person.
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I like the shapes of your characters; especially the one of the Batman....

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Great cover! Composition and coloring look great
Must have been awesome to collab with an artist you admire!
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