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Astro Boy

Yeah, he's a little more Astro-teen looking than astro boy. Sue me! haha.

I've always been a HUGE Astro boy fan since I was a kid, and I actually really love the new series which came out recently. This drawing was a pretty quick warm-up drawing, and today I decided to colour it. Just for fun.

There were some things I wanted to tweak in the background, but I actually made a mega-rookie error and saved the flattened version over my layered PSD! DOH!

By the way, my dream fight/ crossover is Astro VS Megaman. I think I will draw that one pretty soon...

Hope everyone is doing well!


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I can't look at this without thinking of Kiyotaka Ishimaru. :iconishimaruplz:
FontanaWorks's avatar
WOW idk what to say...oh yes i do... SEXY!
drawer-intraining606's avatar
Hooray! HE FINALLY HAS NIPPLES! That has been bugging me for quite some time now.
Red-J's avatar
hahahahaha...imagine the potential for lazer beams there!!
drawer-intraining606's avatar
Yes, simply imagine...
itselguapo's avatar
.... he reminds me of batsu from Rival schools just the face.
EnlightenMehDed's avatar
lol more like Astro "Man" o.o great job though :D
Red-J's avatar
i like to think of him as ASTRO teen!

EnlightenMehDed's avatar
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Now that is a rendition that would make Tezuka's jaw drop. Awesome job! :D
Galactatech's avatar
That's no Astro boy, that is a Astro Man.
AK-Manga's avatar
His face reminds me of Phoneix Wright. There for he is SMEXY! :D
mannycartoon's avatar
That is one bit of cool right there!
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azraelengel's avatar
Wow that's kind of funny, considering I literally did the SAME rookie mistake with my own Astro boy fanart. Bizarre!

Looks great, though. I love how you stylized him so much but still kept him simplistic.
phil-cho's avatar
astro man! haha. he looks sorta like sub mariner here.
JesseAcosta's avatar
I was just about to say the same thing, Boy Namor :)
Robot-Samurai-Katana's avatar
wow :wow:

this is the best version of the boy I have ever seen...
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TheDvlYouKnow's avatar
OMG This is one of the best renditions of AstroBoy I've ever seen.
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xjessterx's avatar
thats so cool.
astro boy is awesome.
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