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Picture for Jess E. Owen :iconelementaljess:, owner of Shard, the character from the picture :) She has send me her gryphon themed books and I have drawn her this image. There will be more artwork done for her soon ^^ Please visit her page for more information:

The character may not belong to me but I got quite attached to this image. I wanted to show here my love for gryphons & pretty landscapes.

I'm really busy since the beginning of January. I have passed all my exams during finals. I started to work full time in February. I have written half of my thesis too... I'm kinda stressed but I have to manage, only 3 months left till the end of my studies. Work is really cool and rewarding, although combining it with last 10th semester will be pain in the ass.

It's why I titled it "Hope", because I hope everything will be good with finishing my education.

Please visit my :facebook: page:…
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Hope is a precious thing.

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Beautiful lighting :D
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I love this book series! And this art is gorgeous! =D

Asking as another author of a gryphon-centric fantasy series, do you still do commissions?
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oh my thank! at the moment I'm full for commissions sadly :<
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Oh well, that's okay. Cool to hear you're keeping busy. :)
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Beautiful work! 
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I have read the series and it was great, loved the art that you did! You make them look so life like its amazing!
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I'm glad you think so <3
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Hello, do you mind if I use this picture as the background for the Song of the Summer King Wiki? :D
Red-IzaK's avatar
no prob, just add credit, thanks :)
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Alright, I'll keep the logo on there and if anyone asks I'll link your page ;3
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Aww he looks kinda Like a fledged here So Adorable! He looks So fluffy And cute 😘
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Wonderful job on the clouds.
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Great work. How's things going?
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Pretty !!!   She is so curious about that leaf.   :)
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I love Jess E. Owens books! Great drawing of Shard! :)
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wow, i seriously wish i could do things like this. i use paint tool sai, if you do too could you help me a bit?
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I use photoshop 6 and Creative cloud to do so :)

To be honest, it's not the knowledge about the program, but the knowledge about the principals of art: composition, light, values, colours, anatomy, perspective. You can gain only by reading all of the things above + doing studies from real life  & photos.
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thanks so much! do you think maybe in the future or some time you could help me out a bit with digital painting?
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Well the whole topic is so broad that it cannot be described in one comment ;/ But I can recommend you an awesome book: Colour and light - guide for the realistic painter by James Gurney. It will help you to understand some of the basics really quickly
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Thanks a lot!!!  :3  im gonna paint you a picture some time. do you want a specific character?
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Yes, I do, but you don't have to paint anything for me. Try to learn new stuff day after day and it will be the best thing!
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thanks again... lol omg your so much help! and so nice! i really want to paint you something :3   if you have a character you specifically want, send it to me
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