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Fire Emblem Meme

Yep. Another meme. :3 Um, I'm afraid I don't have the link to the original blank meme, but it's by :iconcoolchan: so either check out her gallery or just type in "fire emblem meme" into the DA search engine, & it should be the first one that pops up. It'll look a little different though. ^^; I actually modified this one cuz the original one has bright red font that was hard to read. x_x So I just changed the font & it's color. No offense intended, ~coolchan ^^;
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Well, If you liked those two, you might want to try some of the earlier generation games. FE 8, 6 and 7 for GBA are very popular. Their stories, graphics and gameplay are simpler. And most of my favourite FE characters come from FE7 personally (The other half come from FE9+10) X3.
But...well if you like Axe knights....back in the day they didn't have those, it was just one class 'Cavalier'.

Just thought you should consider expanding your Fire Emblem epic experience! *thumbs up*