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Hello again friends! Yes I AM alive, shocking as
it may be. Seems like all I was doing in DA was
just favoriting artwork from others while
completely ignoring my own "work."

Needless to say, I think it's well past time for
a much needed change. Now it goes without saying
that I'm not much of an artist. Although there
is nothing that is preventing me from learning
or taking the time to learn, I find that it most
likely is not my strongest suit at this current

Writing is more my passion, yet I haven't
written anything or posted anything on here.
Not because I have any fear of copyright
infringement or in anyone stealing it mind you,
I'm just somewhat of a perfectionist, and find
that I'm always re-doing or changing what I've
previously written. Kinda lame especially if
you have readers and they go back to your work
to find new additions or things completely

So what is this new art direction I'm taking
then? Simply put, myself.

Confused? Allow me to elaborate. Outside of
DA, amongst my personal life, specifically
around my friends, I am known as somewhat of
a pervy and creepy individual.

Also mean, as shown in the one Motivational
poster I have. I think you all know which one.

Aside from all that, I very much purposely
embellish and comedically put myself on a
high pedestal, and act very much like a total
narcissist. Mind you it's all an act, and
they find it severely enjoyable. My antics
as they were, revolve around me adding myself,
either perversely or creepy-like, into
pre-existing media.

Furthermore, each narcissistic act has it's
own character, a twisted or unusual version
of my own self. For example, my "dark" side
is known as "The Shroud" (You'll also notice
much references from pre-existing media,
again, part of my schtick as it were to
egotistically put myself in it and make it
"better".) and another is known as "Hollow
Eric", which I'm sure you Bleach fans can

So how will these new art be made? Well I won't
deny that I will be drawing some, but the vast
majority will be done in some form of photoshop.

The purpose in all this? Simply put, I enjoy
entertaining others, and I find that the crazy
ego-maniac can entice a lot of funny-bones,
and the more random and weird, the better. And
what better way than to watch some dude toot
his own horn while making fun of things along
the way?

I'm sure this probably is NOT the most original
idea on the internet, much less DA. Still, it is
worth a shot, and moreso, I think I will have
a lot of fun doing it. Bear with me if it sucks,
I still have a lot to learn, and so I welcome
any and all tips regarding my new approach and

Furthermore, let this new crusade of art be
known as,

"The Marvelmalleneous Adventures of Eric"
Boy, it sure has been awhile since my last trip! I left about 2 weeks ago and now that
I'm back I should fill you in on what I've been up to!

Let's see...where to begin...

1) Went and saw the Grand Canyon. Let me just say that there are no words that can
truly describe it. You just have to go there and experience it for yourself. When you
look inside it, you truly feel like you're on top of the world.

2) Went to the famous Tombstone. Great ol' western town and nice gun fight shows to

3) Went and met an actual Native American medicine man. Gave me a nice blessing
as well as a good laugh (mistook my mother as my grandmother.) XD

4) Okay, may as well describe Arizona. First of all, it's a desert. So as you can expect,
there's a lot of friggin rocks, dust, and sand everywhere. As far as plant life goes,
you've got a choice between several cacti and dry-lookin trees with the occasional palm

Still, the scenery from the mountainous landscape is quite breathtaking. Seeing it from
a book doesn't do these mountains justice.

But now for the most important part : the heat. Arizona is a goddamn OVEN with the
temperature set to 600. You can't stand outside fro 5 min in the sun before cooking.
Even the shade doesn't help. You can feel the intensity no matter where you are.

As you can imagine, it makes outdoor activites hard to do. At least, hard without
bringing about $10 worth of water.

Nice place to visit...but I sure as hell would never want to live there.
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GoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooddDAMN it's been a
hella long time since I've updated this thing. My only excuse is that
I'm a terrible procrastinator.  ;(

For starters, let me say that after a couple of years, I've finally
gotten my driver's license. Feels good to have it, although I still
don't particularly like driving. (Blame it on NJ's terrible roads).

And for the biggest story, very recently I came back from AnimeNext
07' that was held in Seacaucus, NJ. A large group of friends and I
stayed the night for the 3-day weekend and there is much to tell.

1) One friend got drunk, and well, his antics (all of which were caught
on camera) will bring many a laugh for years to come. :D

2) Another one of my friend's, much to everyone else's including my
own misfortune, snores like a Ocean Freight. X_X

3) No one particularly famous VActing wise or even guest of honor
wise attended this year. Plenty of terrible VAs from 4Kids programs
were there though. Be glad I didn't get to meet them, they wouldn't
have survived. :fork:

4) Brought a ton of cash with me this year. About $500 to shop!
(Didn't spend all of it though). I bought :
-Volumes 1-12 of Rebirth
-Black Jack Box Set 1 & 2
-Grenadier Complete Collection
-Cosmo Warrior Zero Complete Collection
-Giant Robo Complete Collection
-Godannar Complete Collection
-2 swords (one of which is a small replica of Bleach's Ichigo's Soul
Slayer Zangetsu) and a dagger
-And some nice things for cocohints. ;3

5) The most notable cosplayers I saw this year was a Cloud (FFVII)
cosplayer who not only made an actual life-size buster sword
(trust me when I say this thing was HUGE), but he also made
all the swords from Cloud's motorcycle in the Advent Children
movie attached to his back. He looked awesome.

Then there was a Wolfwood (Trigun) cosplayer who made his entire
cross of....K'nex. You heard me, K'nex.

Other than them, not a whole lot of noticeable cosplayers. There
were plenty of "dear sweet god, why does a fat unattractive girl
like you have to cosplay as FFX2 Yuna WTF eat poison kthxbye"

6) The best panels this year were the dubbing panels. Sadly, I
didn't get a chance to go up and do some, but I did get to watch
other people show off their vocal talents, and let me tell ya, VActing
is a LOT harder than it looks! The Hentai dubbing panel was especially
hilarious since people improv. And there was some insanely funny
improv. XD

Overall, the convention was still a bit weak. Nevertheless, I had fun.
Here's to AnimeNext 08!
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  • Drinking: Sprite. I *STILL* obey my thirst.
Just thought I'd make a new announcement regarding some of the
writing I'll be doing. (Or in this case, prove that I am indeed alive
since it's been ages since I've updated.) U^^

1) A-Lone Story takes place after a nuclear holocaust that
engulfed the entire world. Now the entire world is one giant free-for
all, with few cities remaining, and little to no law left anywhere.
Mercenaries are what control the world, and the story is about one
lone (no pun intended) mercenary and his place in this crazy world.

2) R.A.N.D.O.M. A mysterious woman who's face is never
seen gives 100 individuals powers and abilities, each one unique
and different. So how does one act when they are no longer normal
and have power?

3) Warlock : Emissary of Darkness A young warlock is
an enforcer against demonkind called The Emissary of Darkness.
The story follows the exploits of this warlock as he battles against
the forces of hell and the light.

4) Red Knight EX A young teenager discovers he has the
powers of the superheroes he's read about in comic books. But
there may be a deeper meaning to why he has them...

5) I'll try drawing again. I'll take any requests but I make no
promises that they'll be good! >_>

Anything else is more or less me bullshitting with some fun ideas
regarding games and what not. Oh well, better get to writing!
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The "100 things about you" journal that Cocohints and Mitani-Chan did. :D

1) Stan Lee is one of my heroes, since he's created a great many super heroes
who continue to inspire and entertain fans.

2) I am 21 years old! Skies the limit baby!

3) I'm a bit of a pervert. Okay maybe not a bit, I just am. Alright, maybe a little
more than just that... etc. etc.

4) Before pursuing writing, I had wanted to study animals. I have so many books
about them!

5) I'm a harsh critic. I can be very mean in critizing cosplayers, actors, and

6) The games that changed my life (in regards to making me a gamer) are Sonic
The Hedgehog & Doom.

7) I'm a huge horror film fan. Can't get enough of them, although a great deal
of them suck as of late. :(

8) God I hate/am scared of driving. I always think I'm going to mess up my car.

9) Favorite animal is the cat.

10) My cat's name is Sapphire. Had her for over 10 years now. :heart: my kitty

11) Flying insects (like flies, mosquitos) scare the living hell out of me. The
buzzing sound they's just frightening to me. (Practically phobic of them)

12) I wear glasses. Tried contacts, but they irritated me to no end.

13) I :heart: cocohints.

14) My favorite kind of video games are First Person Shooters (FPS), RPGs,
and Fighters.

15) Guilty Gear is my favorite fighting game franchise, Suikoden is my favorite
RPG franchise, and Doom is my favorite FPS franchise.

16) Sony fan. Long live the Playstation!

17) Diehard Marvel fan. DC is okay, but there's just something about Marvel that
just draws me to it more.

18) I enjoy writing, both as my hobby and my (hopefully one day) career.

19) I'm generally a nice guy. Very nice and cool to meet, never cocky or rude
to new people.

20) However, I am dreadfully shy. Especially when women are there.

21) I like, (okay fine, LOVE) to flirt. If I know the other girl likes it, or even
better, flirts back, then things get interesting. :D

22) I'm a very loyal and trustworthy person. I'll never betray or tell on you, so
long as it doesn't endanger anyone of course. ;)

23) Once you befriend me, you have a friend for life. Even if we lose touch, and
never speak or meet again, unless we officially said "we're not friends anymore",
I'm still your friend and vice versa.

24) Huge anime fan. Can't count all the ones I've seen, and I can't count all the
ones I WANT to see.

25) I can't dance worth a damn. I look like I'm having spasms when I "dance".

26) Love fishing. Gotta say that I'm not too bad a fisherman.

27) Although I hate the beach. Sand + salt water = bad times.

28) And it doesn't help that I am scared of sharks too, and I'm always paranoid
that a shark is going to swim up and bite my leg off or worse.

29) I've dated and been with other women before, but they had hid their true
nature, so once I saw them for what they really were, I quickly ended those
relationships. Lucky for me, I've found the perfect woman. :love:

30) I'm a very physically affectionate guy. Hugs, kisses, and the occasional
playful squeeze.

31) One of my habits is my very lazy nature. It's cost me a lot of things, so I
recommend you all should never let it control you.

32) I'm usually a B-C+ student. Meh, I just don't do well in school. >_>

33) I can't stand my father & sister. My mother is the only person in my family
I truly and unconditionally respect and love.

34) Used to live in Florida when I was a kid. I personally love Florida more than
New Jersey. It's so tropical and green. It's so green everywhere. :)

35) I fantasize way more than I should. But hey, it's what you get when you're
very creative. ;D

36) F*ck Japanese horror-esque ghosts. They creep me way out. :cry:

37) Big rock fan. I'll listen to almost any form of rock except Death Metal, or
the rock music that "sounds like a retard screaming with a chicken down his
throat, the band playing loud and obnoxiously, and neither can carry a tune
worth a damn." :)

38) That said, I do enjoy some techno, foreign music, and classical tunes.

39) Big cartoon fan. I've watched so many and I still watch them to this day. :D

40) Wolverine is my favorite Marvel hero. *Snikt!*

41) My religion is Christian, but I don't follow it the same way as most others
do. I follow my own version of it. >.>

42) Nationality is Cuban (mostly), Spanish, & British.

43) I absolutely loathe racists. It's bigots like them who ruin society and hinder
it from progressing.

44) I don't belong to any political party. I just can't agree to either of the ones

45) I am pro-death penalty. People like murderers, pedophiles, and rapists
are sick monsters who don't deserve human compassion. Let hell take them

46) Never smoked or tried a drug. I have drunk alchohol, but only for parties
and special occassions. Otherwise I never drink, can't stand the taste of
alchohol. Xp

47) My other names for other forums are Knightosis, Redmantra, Cyclopsis
and Red Exodus.

48) I have no preference on what kind of woman I'm into. Black, White, Asian,
Indian, they're all beautiful to me. :love:

49) I can't stand fangirls/boys. You now, the ones ho worship the ground said
character walks on and has no fault? Yeah, f*ck those people.

50) The first characters I used to draw all the time were my homage characters
to Marvel called "Guardians of the Realm". More about them in my FAQ. ;D

51) I would like to get married one day. Depends on the woman of course. I do
know of one woman I'd like to...

52) Crabbing is probably the most fun kind of fishing there is. Although those
little suckers clamp down HARD. @_@

53) I've always sucked at sports. Even though I'm thin and I can move pretty
fast. Just not that strong I guess.

54) I'm highly opiniated and very outspoken. If I feel like I have something to
say or that something needs to be said, damn the consequences, cause I'll say
it regardless of them.

55) I've got the weirdest dreams. One dream I had was me & Yoda (from Star
Wars) were talking about the mysteries of life while D-Day was going on around
us. O_o

56) I have a ton of corny lines. No I'm not going to share them. Xp

57) I was once the president of my high school's anime club.

58) During senior year, I was an actor in my senior play where the graduating
class parodies their teachers. I played as my Religion (and favorite) teacher,
Mr. Flannery. *Does Flannery laugh* XD

59) I've got an annoying case of stage-fright despite what the previous
mentioning says. My knees get wobbly and I start to get hot under the collar.

60) Mitani x Coco, my guilty fantasy. :cuddle:

61) My favorite Marvel female character is Storm. She's got so much character.
Eye candy is She-Hulk though. Mmmmm....She-Hulk..... :drool:

62) My favorite American voice actor is Crispin Freeman. He is THE BEST.

63) Favorite food? Why Spaghetti of course!

64) From when I first went to school till my first year of highschool, I ALWAYS
had a peanut butter sandwich for lunch. What can I say? I like what I like. ^_-

65) When I first met Mickey Mouse as a kid, I was scared of him! After all, he is
a HUGE black creature with big eyes. Of course, that fear lasted about a minute
once he danced for me.

66) I have a very big......toe. Seriously, it's big. Apparently it runs in my
mother's side of the family. It looks like a cave man club! =O

67) My favorite anime drama is Elfen Lied. It had just the right amount of
everything IMO, to be a good all around drama.

68) It is in my personal opinion, that fat women who are disgustingly unattrative,
are NOT allowed to cosplay as skimpy characters like Yuna from FFX2. Look here
you Kraken-sized whale, you do not look good in tight short shorts, you look
disgusting. Cover up. NOW. [/end rant]

69) Same goes for guys too. Yes Timmy, you having 40+ zits on your face and
bad teeth forbids you to cosplay as Dante from Devil May Cry. After some
Clearasil & Dental work, THEN you can cosplay as him.

70) See? Told ya I can be mean. :evil laugh: Of course, most of the time I am
kidding and am not that harsh.

71) Cheeseburgers > BEST fast food. ;p





























100) I :heart: cocohints.

Well that about wraps it up!
1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, find line 4. Write down
what it says :

"and the lord did grin. And the people did feast upon the lambs..."

2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. What do you touch first?:
Stapler. *Staple sound* .....................OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.... >_O;

3. What is the last thing you watched on TV?:
Samurai 7 on IFC

4. WITHOUT LOOKING, guess what time it is:
12:35 PM

5. Now look at the clock, what is the actual time?:
12:35 PM. Yes! I am the mindtaker! "eeewww,wwwweeee,eeewww,wwweeeee..."

6. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?:
Air conditioner

7. When did you last step outside? What were you doing?:
Yesterday, taking out the garbage.

8. What are you wearing?:
Chinese dragon shit with Tommy Hilfiger light blue jeans & sneakers.

10. Did you dream last night?
Escaping from Ikea, which turned out to be a slave-selling industry run by evil
corporate executives that were not from Ikea.

Yeah, I don't get it either.

11. When did you last laugh?
Last night, playing WoW with my friends.

12. What is on the walls of the room you are in?:
Horrible looking confetti wallpaper, A Resident Evil 4 poster & Spider-Man one.
Oh yeah, and windows. Lots of windows.

13. Seen anything weird lately?:
Nope, can't say that I have.

14. What do you think of this quiz?:
Fooly Cooly.

15. What is the last film you saw?:
Pirates of The Carribean 2

16. If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy first?:
Manga, Anime, comics, and a plane ticket to Norway.

17. Tell me something about you that I don't know:
I think anime chicks are desirable. Hey don't YOU judge me... :fork:

18. If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or
politics, what would you do?:

End the bullshit involving religious fanatacism.

19. Do you like to dance?:

George Bush:
Is a horrible president. As an American, I can't stand him.

Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her?:

Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call him?:

Would you ever consider living abroad?:
Only if I was living with a certain someone... :heart:
Three names you go by
1 -- Eric (Real Name)
2 -- Red (Online name)
3 -- Any other name I have on other forums (various)

Three things you like about yourself
1 -- I'm creative & artistic
2 -- I'm very enthusiastic
3 -- I can handle hot weather

Three things you don't like about yourself
1 -- Low self-esteem
2 -- Laziness
3 -- A bad temper (Not that bad though, just had to fill this slot.) ^^;

Three parts of your heritage
1 -- Hair
2 -- Outspoken Nature
3 -- Temper

Three things that scare you
1 -- Death
2 -- Insects that make noise (Particularly, "buzzing" sounds)
3 -- Sharks

Three everyday essentials
1 -- Checking online
2 -- Playing some World of Warcraft
3 -- Work, work, work. :faint:

Three things you're wearing right now
1 -- Chinese dragon shirt
2 -- Tommy Hilfiger Jeans (light blue)
3 -- White with some gray & dark blue sneakers

Three of your favourite bands or musical artists
1 -- Nightwish
2 -- Metallica (Before Saint Anger)
3 -- Karma

Three of your favourite songs
1 -- Karma - Soul Society
2 -- Slipknot - Duality
3 -- Metallica - Waste My Hate

Three new things you want to try in the next twelve months
1 -- Get at least 30 works of fiction/poetry up
2 -- Make a decent living
3 -- Practice more on my artwork

Two truths and a lie (in no particular order)
1 -- I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gay :flirty:
2 -- I masterbate at least twice a day
3 -- I :heart: Keanu Reeves

Three things physically about the opposite sex that appeal to you
1 -- Must be enthusiatic & humorous
2 -- Honesty
3 -- Creative & artistic

Three of your favourite hobbies
1 -- Video games
2 -- Writing
3 -- Collecting non-sports cards

Three things you want to do really badly right now
1 -- Make love to cocohints. :heart:
2 -- Play more World of Warcraft
3 -- Stop working. *Sigh*

Three careers you're considering
1 -- Manga artist
2 -- Comic/Manga Writer
3 -- Animal Study

Three kids names
1 -- ??????
2 -- ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
3 -- I'd much prefer to let the wife name'em thanks

Three things you want to do before you die
1 -- Make love to cocohints :heart: :heart:
2 -- Get married
3 -- Have my work become popular

Three ways in which I am stereotypically a boy
1 -- Loves women
2 -- Is mildly perverted (Although that's putting it lightly...)
3 -- I love video games

Three ways in which I am stereotypically a chick
1 -- I like to cuddle
2 -- I'm very very affectionate
3 -- I actually want to talk to my partner instead of immediately having sex.
                          (Although that comes later) ;D

Three celebrity crushes
1 -- None
2 -- I'm serious
3 -- Celebrities are boring. I'm more into the common everyday girls.

Three Non-Celebrity crushes
1 -- Cocohints, my girlfriend :cuddle:
2 -- Mitani-Chan :glomp:
3 -- Women I've seen in porn. (WHAT???!!! At least I'm honest!!)