Breeding Rules

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Breeding Rules

Red-Dragon-Stables owns many horses, so of course, there is a lot of breeding involved, and few simple rules to follow along!

1. Inbreeding is prohibited!

2. Note the Group if you are interested in any breeding.

3. Payment first then the foal design!

4. We will design the foal for free

5. Tag us in some way, we would like to see the foal!


1. One Foal = One breeding picture OR 100:points:(if both parents are from RD it's 200:points: )

2. Twins = One Breeding Picture + One training picture OR 200:points: (if both horses are from Red-Dragon then it's 1 breeding pic, and 2 training pic for each parent or 250:points: )

3. Chimera = same requirements as twins.

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