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Castle McCulloch 7

A very special thank you to all the great photographers from the North Carolina Photography Group who participated in the Castle McCulloch Open Costume Shoot.

My wife and I had a great time and got some great professional level photos of my Dragon Armors. There were lots of friendly folks there both in front of and behind the camera. Thanks to all for making it such a fun occaison.

Hope ya'll enjoy these photos and here is the link to all the photos from the shoot.

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Amazing work her outfit is great. Very dragonish but still fits well you can tell its ment for a woman. I really like the skirt and bracers they are my fav.
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Thank you. Its almost complete. The claw gauntlets are done(not in this picture) . I'm going to do a tail and some removable wings. Very glad you like it. I wanted her armor to be "real armor" in that it provides ample protection and coverage while still being feminine and maybe even a little sexy.:)
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Well I think you got it right nice work
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the armors look AMAZING!
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The pair of you really do look spectacular dressed up together.

The differences between the armours, like the lighter colour on the Queen's, is enough to add individuality so you don't blend into each other, but at the same time, there are enough similarities in their designs so that you are definitely a matched pair. ;)

Congratulations on a terrific job, and such a gorgeous photo! :D
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Thank you for such kind comments! That was exactly the effect I was going for. A little individuality but still dragonly. After all, not all people look the same so dragons should all be different too. :)
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It is good to see that level of attention to detail in things like this.

Well done, again! :)
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