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Two pictures of a Dilophosaurus (unidentified species, altough they both look kind of like Dilophosaurus Sinensis, the one featured in Jurassic Park).
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ScaledOneHobbyist General Artist
Awesome ! But the one in the movie is a fictional species, D. venenifer
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artfromtheheart92Student General Artist
Nice work! :nod::D
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xmdzHobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice. I will point out, though, that Dilophosaurus sinensis is actually synonymous with Sinosaurus triassicus, and the JP version is a fictional species that has been called Dilophosaurus "venenifer" by the fan base.
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you make me so happy with your dilo's..
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DiegoCoboProfessional Traditional Artist
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DiloTheSeaDragon120Student Digital Artist
wow LOVE :heart: Dilophosaurus IT'S MY USERNAME FOR PETE'S SAKE!!! LOL :icondilophosaurus123:
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Awsome work!
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M4KEStudent General Artist
Oh yeah great. The first is cool because of his skin and the neck of second is great :)
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This is Dope
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whow! nice one... nice details.. luv dinos!!
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Pakaranisaurido Traditional Artist
Wow!! they look so good...
Your work is simply great.
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seasaidhHobbyist General Artist
This is amazing.
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guilmon182Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Cool! I thought the JP Dilo was a wetherilli...
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really amazing
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halfpennyro04Hobbyist Digital Artist
deffo in me faves
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Awesome work! Dilophosaurus was always my most favourite dino from Jurassic Park!
*take it Nedry*
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I'm not too sure D. sinensis is quite right (they did get the size wrong for V. mongoliensis in the movie) as a D. species, but it could be. I KNOW that this is most likely a very good drawing of D. wetherelli, the most commonly known species among scientists. D. wetherelli was the first large predatory dinosaur, and it was discovered in Arizona.

BTW, JP got a lot wrong. No D. species is known to have a neck frill, so I am VERY glad you didn't put that in here.

Now, if only paleontologists would get off their duffs and organize an expedition to tear up the Gobi Desert until they find a complete Deinocheirus...
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MysticalMysticismProfessional Traditional Artist
I second that! Deinocheirus is awesome from what we have seen so far!
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Ok ok! You're my favourite artist
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Red-Dilopho Filmographer
Hahaha, thanks :P
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(sputters) It almost looks 3-D....
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You drawed it ? o_O
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It looks like a snake... NICE.
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redguard Traditional Artist
Very good technique you have. Textures, shaddow, and details are amazingly well done. It looks very real. I only wish you'd put a bigger resolution pic.
Amazing work dude.
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