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Anchiceratops Sketch

Hi everyone! here is a semi-quick drawing of an Anchiceratops (sorry if it's not accurate! I had no reference at the moment). I sketched it on the New Year's eve, so it's almost the last drawing of 2007 I did :P (the last one was a Compsoghnatus).

The colour was altered in photoshop obviously, haha :P

I hope you guys like it :)

* Ballpoint pen on paper
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Looks more like a Chasmosaurus than Anchiceratops. Anchiceratops looks exactly Triceratops, but more curved brow horns and spikes on its frill.

I get this is outdated and all and it looks immensely far out! But I you should've looked for references to see what the dinosaur actually looked like.
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anchiceratops was probably one of the coolest ceratopsians...other than styracosaurus of course
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Its awesome as.
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I heart your scetches. :3
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This is good. Guh, and no ref either huh? Man, you're amazing. :worship:
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What you choose to accent with the pen lines is amazing and looks great!! This so looks like a sketch you would find in a traveller's journal or something....

Your skill with pen is crazy!!! No underdrawing?!?! THIS IS MADNESS!!!!! :faint:
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Hahaha, thanks! :D
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Wait, I just realised something - you drew this and the Compsognathus with a ballpoint pen?! That just adds to the awesomeness :thumbsup:
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Awesome, as usual!

That reminds me, I once attended a Robert Bakker lecture and got a signed drawing of an Anchiceratops from him...
I wonder where it is.... >_>;
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A signed drawing from Bakker??!!! that's awesome, man you should know where it is! :P
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I'm pretty sure it's an a poster tube in he closet of our guest bedroom.... I should get a frame for it.
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Oh god, when will I be able to draw creatures in perspective... I envy you so much! All of your sketches are wonderful!
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Fantastic sketch Just lovely
I can't think of a better way to ring in the new year

Drawing Dinos
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I love the anathomy, great piece of reference
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I love the perspective - not to mention the details. Great job! :D
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Damn. That is one of the most incredable ceratopsian illustrations i've seen in a long time.
Keep it up!
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Woah, cool perspective, cool pose, excellent muscle structure...just a great picture.

I've always wondered what the purpose of it's 'shield' is...can't really be for protection...because of the lack of bones...
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D: No puede serrr tus sketches son mis dibujos terminados! esta hermoso!
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Great drawing, as usual. :)
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