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ENG : Yep, videos =) They call them "Speed art". An accelerated video capture of an artist drawing or painting something. So, why not me ? I decided some days ago to try (especially after an enthusiastic support from some of friends of mine), and here is the first one :
Hope you'll like it! These friends already gave me some ideas for the next ones !


FR : Ça fait plusieurs jours maintenant que j'y pense (depuis qu'un client m'a demandé si je m'y connaissais ne serait-ce qu'un peu en montage vidéo en fait). En plus, ça fait un moment que je tombe sur des accélérés de paintings sur youtube. Alors pourquoi pas moi ? =) J'en ai parlé à quelques amis qui m'ont encouragé à essayer. Alors voici le premier essai :
Ils m'ont déjà donné des idées pour la suite ;) J'espère que ceux qui les regarderont apprécieront !
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Art spread !

2 min read
Here are the rules:

For each of the 10 first people answering this journal I will put his/her avatar
(CODE : iconNAMEHERE : [without spaces])
and the three deviations I like most from his/her gallery on the list.

If you answer, you'll have to do the same in your journal, putting me on the first place, completing the list with 9 other people.

The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone.

1. :iconpaperheadman: -  - -

2. :iconsamsalomon: - - -

3. :iconkind-of-a-big-deal: - - -

4. :iconmusicalmelody: - - -

5. :iconmoon-never-bleeds: - - -

6. :iconakiraaoyama: - - -

7. :iconcloudmilk: - -… -…

8. :iconjanusart: - - -

9. ?

10. ?
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My friend Akira taged me in a journal entry, so here we are =D This is the first one 'questions serie' I answer, I'm kind of excited.

I hope it doesn't bother you... If I tagged you but you don't have many time, please, only answer the eleven questions I wrote in the second part on this entry, without writing questions / tagging people / reading the first part ! Thanks =3

A. Post the rules!

        A. Post the rules!
        B. Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal.
        C. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer.
        D. Tag 11 people!
        E. No tag backs


B. Each person must post 5 things about themselves.

Okay... I think this is the most difficult part XD

1 - WHEN, God, WHEN will I be capable of drawing what flies in my mind ? There are like...9999 ideas, floating into my spleen, asking for awake one day on the tip of my pen, but I can't capture them. F*cking drawing skills... they are too low. I need to practice but I'm lazy =D

2 - I hate sleeping. But I'm a heavy sleeper/ I sleep a lot. You already know i'm lazy, but I also ALWAYS have nightmares. Some of them make laugh the day after EVEN give me some ideas of drawings, but many of them make me wake up in a sweat, my heart beating wildly. Some day, after a bad night, I'm afraid of going to bed XD That's so ridiculous. (maybe I need to watch cute movies beforesleeping ?)

3 - I'm a 'sponge', litterally easily influenced. In other word, when I see/watch/listen/read something, I can draw something similar many weeks later, not on purpose !

4 - I freaking love cats. When I was a child, I got many. Even now, I proudly own a big fat cat named Yuen, my enormous teddy bear. In fact, he loves only me, and treats other people as if they don't exist XD I don't know why. He inspired me some drawings like this one :

5 - Drinking makes me happy and inspired XD But let us avoid excesses ! And only in society !


C. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer.


1- Will you draw something for me? XD

Already done, my dear ;-)


2- Should I translate in French for French peoples?

I think people using deviantArt speak english in general ! I hope... So, I don't think u should !


3- What did you think about my answer to the questions before?

Hu..? Oo I think u'd like to keep translating, & you are the kind of nice people who are capable of drawing something to every friend they have.


4- Do you wanna be an illustrator and will it be your job?

Ah ah! XD I'd like to, but I don't have the skills. Some of my friends are really better than me ._.  (Papeeeer)


5- Do you prefer manga, comics or "French" Comics Strips?Why?

OMG, too difficult to answer >< Good question ! I like the 3 of them 'cause :
- Manga : They gave me back my passion of reading 'comics' in general when I was about... 12. The universe had something so different... mature, exotic, out of space and time ! I fell in love with so many characters !
- Comics : ahah! I don't like many comics, but some of them are really dark & adult, so down to earth (in a good way), even within a fantastic/magical universe. But it's often hard to me to like the graphism.
- Comic strips : it depends on the way it is drawn. In general, I love spending time reading comic strips. It seems to be easy : WRONG ! Making laugh in 3/4 squares can be a real challenge.
To be brief : manga / comic strips / and comics to finish with.


6- What do you think about our world today?

OMG... I don't know. Really. I think we only see negative sides when we have so much. Buuuut.. indeed, many efforts have to be done.
I'm walking a tightrope. End of the world or not ? I don't want to believe things are so 'doomed'.


7- Are you "addict" to Facebook, Twitter or other social network? What do you think about people who are?

Totally... I check my FB account once a day MINIMUM (and DA & 9gag). I feel ashamed. AND WE ALL HAVE TO DO ! x)


8- I put my blog link on my DA. Did you wisit it or will you in the futur? If no, why?

I already visited it, and I keep doing sometimes !


9- Do you prefer Apple or Sony?

Ok, Apple products are reaaallyyyy beautiful, easy to use, etc. BUT STOP HERE ! That's advertising that made them so desirable. In fact, I'll vote SONY ! Cheap, reliable, highly capable ^^


10- What's your favorite animal?

I'll choose the easy answer : cats.


11- Do you prefer traditional art or digital art?

Both. But I'm sad traditionnal art is so overcome by the digital one.


12- Do you want me to keep writing in the journal? And if yes, what do you want me to write about? (English. French, both....?)

Why not ? é_è Keep informing us about your art progress, inspirations, funny facts of your life, etc.  (English is enough I guess)


And now, brace yourself... My questions are coming !

1 - Do you consider yourself as a 'geek' ? A 'otaku' ? A 'nerd' ? Why ?

2 - Hey, you got an idea in mind ! What is your first reaction ? Write it down, or take a pencil, or plug your tablet ? Other ?

3 - Wii, PS, or Xbox ? Other ?

4 - Would you like to be a girl (or a guy) for one week ? What would you do ?

5 - Choose one famous universe you would like to live in (for ex., Harry Potter, Star Wars, Alice, Devil May Cry...) & explain why.

6 - Do you drink ? Smoke ? If yes, of many times a day / a week / a month ? Do u think it helps your thinking / being inspired ?

7 - When did u really start to draw (/create) ? Why ? When did it suddenly click ?

8 - What is your professionnal dream ?

9 - Who are your 3 favorite artists on deviantArt ? (I need them to complete my collections mouhahahahaha) & in life ?

10 - What are the lastest movies you watch & really like ?

11 - Favorite time slot to create during the day ? (or night XD)

12... Hope you won't kill me for the long post !


D. Tag 11 people!

(<== I don't know many on deviantArt  .__.  !)

:iconnameless-aries: - :iconpaperheadman: - :iconcyrille-breuil: - :iconfouleck: - :iconjyoz: - :iconkarinu-chan: - :iconleloupdeshonan: - :iconmipowa: - :iconmusicfromtheceiling: - :iconteniloc: - :iconyorusempai: - :iconsamsalomon:
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Noob !

1 min read
Premier jour sur DeviantArt ! J'avoue, je venais souvent flâner et mater un peu ce qui se faisait, donc je m'étais inscrite pour avoir accès à tout, mais 11 mois après je n'avais rien ajouté ! Nawak, me direz-vous. Mais maintenant c'est chose faite. Par contre je fais beaucoup de bêtises, j'ai supprimé des trucs sans m'en rendre compte, etc... donc soyez indulgents ! En tout cas, super contente d'enfin faire partie (pour de vrai) de la communauté !
Bref, aux crayons tout le monde !


Pff! First day on DeviantArt ! I used to come here and admire all the deviations ... So I registered for the full access, buuuuut I didn't add any piece of work (of mine). Now it's done ! 11 months later, what a shame...
I'm discovering the dark den of the account page, now I'm lost. I made many mistakes, so be nice to me please =/  Anyways I'm sooooooooo excited ><

In short \o/ Let's deviant!
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