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here he is!
Tomato's son <3

he lives w his mom
and knows nothing ab his dad yet
he's a bit shy, but v sweet, a bit clingy to his mom currently, and also doesn't talk much yet.
he's still learning.

Name: Plum
Biological Sex: male
age: baby
Type: standard wyngro
Creation: hatched
Hatch Location: Tomato's home
born: november 10/11/2016

Inherited Traits:

-Leaf Markings

-Colored Tongue

-Whip Tail

-Neck Fluff


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hey im kinda curious.....
can Plum and Zuo be uh like... 
A couple when there older or no?
plus i uh drew this for it if you want...…
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I got things planned for Plum, I'm sorry ;w;
they can still be friends tho! 
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oh ok! thats fine :3 
yea they can be friends! X33
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I love Plum so much oml ;_; Toma is such a good mama 
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Does Tomato ever get sad seeing that Plum has more of his father's colors?
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naw she loves him <3
she doesn't  let that fact stand in her way
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Ahh she's the best mama ;u; :heart: :heart: Tomato is the best <3 
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Roleplay with Chocco?  Chocco ~ Wyngro Ref Sheet by Vampwolfie
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Im not into actual rping much <'y
But you're free to draw em interacting! As long as you dont make plum super ooc haha
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Plum shall be the one I draw next!
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ohh i think i know who will be Zuo's secret crush >///<
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Michael Rosen intensifies
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How did I miss is? Congratz on the bab!
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Yea u still gotta fix Khristel right?
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Krhistal is fixed! She got accepted!
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Precious baby. So cute.

Is it okay if he may meet Diana (and Lujah)?
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He is so beautiful X'3
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