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Comission Sheet 2018 - OUTDATED

here it is
I finally made a proper sheet
friends helped me price my stuff ;v;/


prices and info might be updated over time


- I onely accept payment in USD to keep things simple on my paypal.
- I might accept points at times, feel free to ask.
 points are 100 :points: = 1$
- Payment up front or after I finnish the sketch to show you my progress.
- I won't do refunds!
the onely time you can ask for a refund is after I show you the sketch, at this point I shall onely charge you the sketch price.
- I work at my own pace, I cannot promis when I'll be done,
but I can show wips so you know where I'm at, if you would like this.
- please be patient!
-  don't claim the art as your own.
- and don't sell it in any way!


I won't draw:
- extreme fetishes
- over complex mechanical (I can try more simple ones)
this includes cars and machinery
- anything based on someone elses work/characters

I will draw:

- gore
- nsfw (I'll try lmao)


please fill out this form:

comission type: (example: flat color bust, sketch lines, simple BG)
reference(s): (visual refrence of your character. make sure I know which colors to use!)
info: (give me a brief description of what sort of pose and expressions you want, so I know what do draw or anything else you want to mention!)

I will then answer you with the price 


on there, I will allow the people who have comissioned me to post the piece of art on their acount
as long as they provide a link back to my original post of the piece and my comission info!

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DorkyDinosaur's avatar
Hello! I was wondering if you're currently open for a chibi or two? I recently bought a character that you once drew and I LOVE the way he looks in your style! 
red-anteater's avatar
aaah hello!
I'm afraid I'm realy booked already and motivation is low so I rather not take on another comission right now ;w;
thank you so much for you interest tho! I'm rly flattered ;0; ♥
DorkyDinosaur's avatar
No worries, I totally understand. Well hopefully in the future then! <3
Furresoto's avatar
is this your current commissions post or do you have a newer one?
red-anteater's avatar
This is my current :D
Furresoto's avatar
can i maybe order a chibi if your commissions are open?
Furresoto's avatar
Oh cool! (: in that case I'd like to order one! Lemme send you a note w the ref sheet
lunar-neo's avatar
KSJDVBDFHJVDF  if i had money i'd BUY D: i hecking love your art so much vrfejhvbfrhvgjh any other way i can support you? got a ko-fi i could just throw a couple bucks in?
red-anteater's avatar
omg thank you so much ;v;
no i don't have a Ko-fi :<
Howlinkiro's avatar
Could i get another chibi from you >:3c
Howlinkiro's avatar
red-anteater's avatar
tho I gotta warn u I have a bit of a waiting list rn! so it could take a while
Howlinkiro's avatar
red-anteater's avatar
are you still interested in a slot?

if not thats alright! c;
Howlinkiro's avatar
red-anteater's avatar
sweet! I'll try and show u a sketch soon
after approval of the sketch I'll have you pay c:
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InnocentBunny101's avatar
i dont have money for it yet, but i am curious if you are willing to do back grounds on their own?
red-anteater's avatar
oh I never gotten a comission like that! :0
I gues I could haha!
InnocentBunny101's avatar
aa okay- once i get the money ill be sure to drop by again and sort out details if you like ;u; i got a job finally so hopefully soon ill get the money
Howlinkiro's avatar
comission type: Chibi!!
reference(s):  Typhon SFW by Howlinkiro  
info: this guy with his cat if possible uwu
red-anteater's avatar
oh heck!
thats a good OC!

I'll note you with for an invoice once I start the piece!
TigerKirby215's avatar
How much for a scene of sorts? I was kinda hoping to get a drawing of one of my characters being chased by scary mask man from game of video in honor of their Chinese New Year Event. Also because I've been loving the game. :3
I was imagining it from a front view with my character (quadruped btw) in front of mister killer man in front of a foresty background. So two characters with a background? How much for that?
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