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Comission Sheet 2018 - OUTDATED



here it is
I finally made a proper sheet
friends helped me price my stuff ;v;/


prices and info might be updated over time


- I onely accept payment in USD to keep things simple on my paypal.
- I might accept points at times, feel free to ask.
 points are 100 :points: = 1$
- Payment up front or after I finnish the sketch to show you my progress.
- I won't do refunds!
the onely time you can ask for a refund is after I show you the sketch, at this point I shall onely charge you the sketch price.
- I work at my own pace, I cannot promis when I'll be done,
but I can show wips so you know where I'm at, if you would like this.
- please be patient!
-  don't claim the art as your own.
- and don't sell it in any way!


I won't draw:
- extreme fetishes
- over complex mechanical (I can try more simple ones)
this includes cars and machinery
- anything based on someone elses work/characters

I will draw:

- gore
- nsfw (I'll try lmao)


please fill out this form:

comission type: (example: flat color bust, sketch lines, simple BG)
reference(s): (visual refrence of your character. make sure I know which colors to use!)
info: (give me a brief description of what sort of pose and expressions you want, so I know what do draw or anything else you want to mention!)

I will then answer you with the price 


on there, I will allow the people who have comissioned me to post the piece of art on their acount
as long as they provide a link back to my original post of the piece and my comission info!

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Hello! I was wondering if you're currently open for a chibi or two? I recently bought a character that you once drew and I LOVE the way he looks in your style!