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Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a great Christmas and best of wishes for the New year!
I'm looking for some kind volunteers to complete my picture recognition survey which only lasts between 10-15 minutes and involves typing in the names of pictures depicting objects.

Thank you so much to anyone who givest me a hand and does this survey!!
(also when asked for student number just input your useername)

Link to survery:…

ALSO...Everyone who does this survery shall get a Llama badge and five favs/comments if they wish!! TO DO THIS simply private message me the codeword you get at the end, along with the piece :D

Thank you sooo much!!!
Hey as you all may have noticed i'm not really on here that much any more. Always thought i'd keep the photos and stuff coming but for the last 2/3 years i've had to put so much effort into uni and employment and so on.

anyway might come back in a few years when I leave education whenever that will be.

See you!
Like the moment you got told the trade centres collapsed or when you heard that Diana was dead...You always remember where you are at the exact moment that you recieved a phone call to inform you that one of your favourate and reputable high school teachers is now being charged for sex crimes against a 15 year old student.

Fuck I was shocked but not entirely supprised. The head of the religouus and Moral department on the front of the local paper dressed as a devil. All the parents loved him, our parents loved him, we loved him then wow. Sake Tommy.
Raising Awareness Newsletter - Rape

27 July 2008

Intro - I have decided to begin a bi-monthly newsletter bringing awareness to important issues which are often overlooked, misunderstood or swept under the carpet. The aim of such a newsletter is to help support  those who have been effected by issues like these, to help raise awareness of the facts and figures surrounding these issues, and to help others to understand a little more about these issues - eliminating someone of the common myths.

The first topic featured here is rape - a very serious and emotional topic to discuss so I will tread gently.

Definition of Rape - The act of forcing another individual to engage in sexual acts, in particular intercourse.

- Rape in the western world is a crime but never the less it still goes on and often goes unreported or unpunished.

Here is an example of some rape statistics through the work of some of our DA artists:

Rape. by little-pretty Rape II by Red--Roses :thumb61212511: 1 in 6, part II by Thriftstore-Betrayal Rape - Part One by maryana01 Rape by MeganLeeRetouching Date Rape by HolyDemon 1 in 6 by wanderingwords07 :thumb53927907: rape. by lightwithinthedark

Stats from

About Rapists
Approximately 73% of rape victims know their assailants.
Only 6% of rapists will ever spend a day in jail.
About Victims
1 in 6 women and 1 in 33 men will be a victim of sexual assault in their lifetime.
College age women are 4 times more likely to be sexually assaulted.

Here are some examples of photography on rape:

:thumb89956430: :thumb27172173: :thumb13114796: Rape by Red--Roses Rape by Flickan :thumb69515334: rape by darkenedlamb Date Rape Project1 - Approach3 by c-ko Bloody Rape by Netaro

Mature Content

Child Rape by Red--Roses
:thumb69300481: Rape by 0-Demonika-0 Rape by rollingmanuel Real men don't RAPE by xlolzxkinax   Speak Up. by my-blue-heaven

Mature Content

bandaidonlycoversthebullethole by pindoll

Now as you may have noticed nearly all these submissions depict the idea of a woman being raped by a man but this is not always the case:

Myth - Women cannot rape
Fact - Although the majority of rapes are by males (around 98%) men can be sexually assaulted by woman and in some cases forced to submit through blackmail.

Myth - It is only gay men that sexually assault other men
Fact - Most men who sexually assault other men consider themselves to be heterosexual

Myth - Male victims do not suffer the same as female rape victims.
Fact - Actually males who have been raped are more likely to commit suicide as a result of rape. They also run a higher risk of contracting HIV as a result of rape.

Here are some examples of drawings depicting rape and its effects:

Mature Content

Rape by doughnut-massacre
:thumb3605336: rape by dawnfire4 Rape by sacredcircle Rape by maja007

I hope that you have found this article helpful or informative in some way or another. If you have any suggestions for future articles please feel free to contact me. If you have been effected in any way by this issue I suggest this as a good support and recovery site

Thanks for reading.
This is an article showing an array of photography that depicts eating disorders.

Eating disorders are serious mental illnesses that are said to effect 3 in 100 individuals but I personally suspect the statistics are higher than this. The two most well known eating disorders are anorexia and bulimia, anorexia being associated with starvation and bulimia with purging and laxative abuse.

As eating disorders are a sensitive issue I will not go into great detail about what they involve and why people develop them as everyone has their own story. The photography you are about to see has been submitted but sufferers and non-sufferers of eating disorders.

An eating disorder recover site that I do recommend:

The Facts v2 by Klasterr :thumb85610228: :thumb84766442: :thumb84538921:
The Struggle by CandlelitxTragedy :thumb83269900: Eating disorder by aeon-ferrar :thumb81810521:
A sileant death wish by Red--Roses :thumb77637726: :thumb80605087: :thumb78466200:
:thumb78017783: :thumb65291591: :thumb65287091: :thumb77800766:
:thumb77641341: :thumb77542636: Not Good Enough by mouseonmeds :thumb40221303:
:thumb74561356: anorexia by xdilemma _Tattoo about love_ by Emz12345 :thumb67505992:
:thumb66597859: :thumb65545927: :thumb62542763: :thumb57617852:
:thumb56461843: :thumb55282263: Eating Disorder by xXRawWwrRXx

Mature Content

Starving for Perfection by Innwyn

Anorexia 2 by xCutxUpxAngelxVx comparing2 by llrphotography Disgust by MasochistofDecadence Obsession by xCoinOperatedDollx
Perfect by znikole :thumb56863525: :thumb51603297: :thumb60051050:

Thank you for looking
After searching through people and portraits for beautiful gothic photography I decided to do this dedication to some of the beautiful gothic and alternative girls on Deviant art and their photographs.

Darkness by JArdley :thumb84308518: :thumb85194973:

cute jellyfish by hoschie Goth Poser by RiCe-lOvE

Siren by JArdley Vanity.... by NyaMorbid ink I :: by bailey--elizabeth

:thumb83827400: :thumb84064788: :thumb82858354:

Designer: Suicide Dreams 3 by NatalieAddams Elegantly Decayed 2 by AssistedSuicide :thumb83612149:

Nex angelus 2 by Roboffin :thumb84974133: Fairytale by JArdley

Mature Content

feigned innocence by May-Machin
Poison Ivy by DistortedSmile The Masquerade by JArdley

:thumb83847487: :thumb82854154: :thumb84987132:

:thumb83230827: Emil. by rainbow-the-fate

Thanks for reading!