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Musical Rainbow

Originally was meant to look like a wavy version of : [link] :)

Lots of rainbow stuff here. I think the pink samsumg looks good here.

On an additional not I got my fist MP3 player for Christmas in 2004.

- Something was wrong with it so I took it back.
- next was a brick of a creative zen, 40GB, fucking brilliant and with more memory than most others at the time. It broke.
- Then got 20GB version of the creative zen. Also broke.
- Then got an Archos (or so I think it's spelt) Latest thing on the shelf. 60GB, played MP4. Screen broke because the gave me a case unsuitable for the product.
- Got another of the same. Took it back as I didn't want another cracked screen.
- Got a sony. Stopped turning on.
- Got a samsung - this one in black actually. Battery fucked up.
- Got another sony touch screen - more up to date which I still have.

Funny thing was none of these lasted longer than a year so I haven't actually paid for any of these except the first, the rest were refunds=p. I have had my current one longer than a year and the sound is fucked so for the first item since 2004 I may have to pay for an MP3 player.
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I had finally hit rock bottom this came at perfect timing for me this showed that money is power I had to share this with someone
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How to Use Portion Control to Lose Pounds
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You've been featured! Please check my journal.
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Omg that is so cool !! 8D
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when I got my first mp3 Same thing kept happening they kept breaking but for my 15th birthday I got an ipod touch 1st gen and Its lasted me 3 years and still works great. Its sucks to say but anything other than ipod brand normally don't last too long, at least thats my experience :/
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I want that glove! *q*
Great pic :D Love it~
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I have looked at nearly all your pictures and I have come to the conclusion that YOU ARE AWESOME.
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Nice work. <3 it.
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This has been featured! :> [link]
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i luv the hand covering
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I like this version better ^^ Very cool idea :3
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wow! very creative!
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Love it !! Haha maybe you should try an ipod?? Ive had mine for the past 5years (:
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I love this! But mp3 players suck, why not save yourself the trouble and get an ipod? They are supposed to last longer lol
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:D good! Now don't break it lol
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This is awesome! I love it.
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