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Anime Eyes

WOOOT i have been planning to post these for ages and now i finally have:D

hope you like them:D

Please :+fav: if you download.

somethgn ironic - i hate anime with a passion
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Ew this looks gross, creepy, and like not anime eyes st all.
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"Hate anime with a passion "
So you mean to tell me that you expect people to like your terrible art that you try to pass off as "anime" dude that's pathetic, and probably explains why you're so bad at it.
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The stereotypicalness makes me laugh at the pathetic genre so hard! :XD: 
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You should get the book Mastering Manga With Mark Crilley. The author is Mark Crilley too if you don't understand = =
I'm 11 years old and I'm fairly good at anime and manga. It's all because of this book :) You could be good at this in a month. Well, not pro but you would be able to draw it and know what is anime and manga. Now, you don't = =
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These aren't real anime eyes :(... but you could change the name of your work :P
If you wan't to draw anime eyes: read manga, watch anime, study other people's work, get how to draw manga book
and just so you know, manga and anime are the same but anime is digital. Manga is usually books and comics and papers.
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those are sooooooooo sugoi xD :D :3
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these are the kinds of eyes that are wanna-bes. i HATE these, theyre just not real!
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well of course they arent real, they are drawings dahhhh!!!
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by "real" i mean real as in anime. they arent real anime eyes.
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I hate to have tell you this, but those aren't real anime eyes. You should watch anime, you'd see how they look.
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um im having trouble drawing eyes...can you plz give me some tips to draw the very last pair thanks!
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if you don't it's probably why you didn't draw them very well; you basically drew what is believed to be the stereotypical anime-style eye: big eyes with large highlights and over-exaggerated features.
in actuality, most common animes and manga don't actually have eyes like this, except for pokemon, digimon, yugioh and basically any other anime broadcasted to kids, yet they still don't overly-exaggerate anything that much.
most anime have pretty normal-sized eyes that look attractive and compliment a persons character, typically being that the younger more naive and innocent ones have slightly larger, if not rounder eyes.
i think if you watch some more popular anime, i think you will come to like it, personally i only like anime that is more towards the realistic style because i don't like things to be too "cartoony" when i'm watching anime.
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Oh dear god sue me! The only anime i ever watched was pokemon for about 10 episodes before writing all others off. I made them as people anted them. If you dont like them then get off your lazy backside and make your own!
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"Anted" isn't a word.
And PLEASE be the Chang you want to see in the world. Really he's probably better than you in all aspects. You might want to stop being such an ignorant boot-licker, before you get beat up in the real world
Dasbedina2's avatar
Wow, if you aren't mature enough to understand a critique from a negative comment, then you seriously need to grow up. Your attack on me is blatantly idiotic. Did i ever tell you that they looked like crap? No, i gave you a critique and another point of view on what you "think" is anime and why you should give it another try. Read my comment again, and this time don't act like you're being attacked; you're not.
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Yea! I read in the book Mastering Manga With Mark Crilley. I think that you would be better off with chibi though :)
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i love anime and only the middle ones are not well scary
Red--Roses's avatar
LOL!!! they do actually look a bit terrifying!
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You only drawed one eye and then copied then pasted then fliped it. You should really draw the other eye instead coping it.
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well there seems to be a preference for symetrical faces, you should really draw BOTh eyes for yeurself if your that interested.
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Again, "yerself " isn't a word, please educate yourself
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