LLAMAGEDDON: New ideas with this old fascination

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We love utter destruction, when it's not real of course.  I guess there's an intrinsic relationship between terror and intrigue when it concerns some fictional characters, or in some fictional setup that concerns the things we love in real life.  For example, Independence Day was sold because something about our nature is captivated with the idea of our own devastation, and I wonder if the real drive behind it is the question of what happens next.

Anyway, LlamaLAN 13 is coming!  Our next LAN event is April 16th 2010 - see more details and sign up here: www.llamalan.co.uk/ ;)

This theme is the best yet.  We knew we were going down this road even when we were coming up with the whole Pirates vs Ninjas thing for the last one.  This is a great theme because we can do so much with it.  And when I'm doing the art, I can draw from so many scores of cultural icons of apocolypse.  

The LlamaLAN XIII: LLAMAGEDDON poster took AGES to do.  A good few days worth of hours, perhaps.  But worth it.  I couldn't do this and not stuff it with action and elements of all sorts.  I needed the vengeful AI, alien invaders (thank you Half Life and Jeff Wayne), natural disaster (asteroids!) and viral/zombie apocolypse.  Left 4 Dead's influence is perhaps the most obvious. :)

So now it is done.  It was tough, but I enjoyed it.

I thank GENZOMAN for his brief but highly influential tutorial which helped me to finally clinch how to acheive smoother more realistic shading and textures.  Find it here: genzoman.deviantart.com/art/Qu…
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