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It's been yonks since my last submission because it's been yonks since I put hand to paper! In the creative sense. Mostly this is because I've become more and more ambitious with my use of Maya, the very comprehensive 3D modelling and animating application.  I get these ideas in my head on how dramatic and insane I want my scenes to play out, and I just HAVE. TO. MAKE.

Again, it's all about LlamaLAN.  The vids I do are for the LAN events, played during and at the conclusion of said events, for the entertainment of our punters and to propel the storyline ever forwards.  I enjoy what I do, else they would just never happen.

I've also had a heck of a year.  Actually, two years, but most of it culminated in the last 12 months wherein all sorts of changes took place in my life, and some of those changes were hard, heart breaking, most of it necessary, all of it for the ultimate good.  I've moved to Blackpool in the North of England, living here since November 2012, and have yet to unload most of my stuff from storage.  My living arrangements are also short-term, so I doubt I'll be setting up my easel again any time REAL soon.  

I would love to get active again though (active for me is like, twice a year, but it's something).  I'm currently super busy on two sets of animation projects which must be complete before I even think about doing anything else creative, and after that point I'll post links and maybe, all being well, be in a better position to carry on using up my A3 boards! :D
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