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Well let's see.  It's been a while but that's because I haven't done anything worth shouting about.  Until YESTERDAY!

The latest one, Llamatopia, really is a rushed bit of work.  I'm not massively happy about all of the colouring (some of it was quite lazy) but I just needed to get it done.  Besides, it's more a bit of work I've used to practice on and refresh a few techniques before tackling the next one.  Which will actually be SOON.  And in my world, soon means maybe two months.

If you're reminded of a certain dystopian movie about a certain guy who forgot to take a certain pill one morning, then my work here is done.

I've finally done my homework and looked into dA groups, specifically ones that honour the magnificant Llama.  dA seems to be as obsessed about Llamas as my little bunch of LAN associates are and there are something like 250 llama-related groups out there.  I have no idea what's best for an artist who spends most of his artistic activity drawing the darn things, so I picked three which seemed to fit.  Hopefully they'll like what I do. :)
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