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Battle for the Golden Llamas

Legends speak of the Mysterious Llamas of Gold, scattered across and beneath the surface of LlamaLand. The oldest stories speak of great power granted to whomever wields them... and the more they hold, the more powerful they become. However, the ancient manuscripts contain a warning: The day they are recombined could be spell the end for us all...

And now two factions, engaged in bitter warfare age after age, fight to discover the whereabouts of The Twelve Golden Llamas; to claim them, to harness their power and defeat their opponent once and for all! Who are they?

The PIRATES: Loud, hearty, brandishing fire and brutal!
The NINJAS: Stealthy, efficient, bourne on the wind and lethal!

Here's the poster, sans titles, for our twelfth LlamaLAN event, depicting two figureheads about to engage in a duel! Usually, we look at the number of the event and come up with a theme that is centered on that number. We took a slightly different path with the theme this time because, after LAN No. 11, some of our punters indicated a bit of enthusiasm for a Pirate themed LAN. So we figured we might have some fun with the heavily exposed internet meme of Pirates vs Ninjas.

This did leave us with a wee problem. Should we bother shoehorning in something to do with the number twelve or not? The answer came to me while at the gym, during an incidental glance at a clock on the wall. Twelve is significant when we talk about time, and this initial thought eventually led me to come up with the 'legend' above. It meant we could do something far more dramatic, far more layered, with many more opportunities for cultural parodies, than to just say "Yeah, it's pirates against ninjas, so that's it really."

This leads nicely to our plans for LlamaLAN 13 as well. ;)

Drawn by hand on A3, scanned, and coloured in Photoshop CS3.

Extra elements credits:

  • Old map texture by Valkria Stock [link]

  • Pagoda by SephirothXer0-Stock [link]

  • Pirate Ship 11 by CAStock [link]

  • GIMP Arcane Circles brush set from Project-GimpBC [link] (I only used one of these excellent brushes - note the rune looking symbols on the inner-most part of the ring!)

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This has to be one of my favorite llama anthros on here!
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Ta, I personally feel some of the others I've done are better :D
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omigod that is so cool! :D
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Wonderful work, great expression on the charahcters and you've really succeeded on teh colouring. I love the background with the enourmous glowing wheel and how the ship and people faids in the lower part, fantastically done and greta idea!:hug:
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Very interesting background story you got there. This picture is badass >D
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Ta :D I'm looking forward to the next chapter myself. ;)
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nice, good colors and design, made even more badass by the timeless pirates vs. ninjas theme :)
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