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BOTS Order Tracking animation

I was asked to compose this little ditty for a website application. I can't remember what the acronym stands for (despite the fact that this is a product of the last two days just gone) but it's for an 'order tracking system'. Its full name is acronymed to B.O.T.S (B-something Order Tracking System, see?)

I actually had a technical spec for this, written on the tinest of Post-It notes. In its entirety: 'Robot Animation for Order Tracking - BOTS (In Header of Every Page)'!

I opted for handful of tiny robots shuffling orders around, with the essential order tracking bit right at the end where we have our foreman clipboard checklist style guy.

Each of the workers are doing their own thing between handling the goods, as it were, and interact with the orders in their own special way.


Did this in Photoshop CS3. Animations using tiny moveble and groupable components are much easier than trying it with larger sprites.
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