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Alpha and Omega

An old, rough sketch of the characters Charles and Anna from Patricia Briggs' Alpha and Omega series.
Charles says 'Gr.'
I remember that I saw the pose in some magazine or other and had to draw it with my favorite werewolves.
It's unfinished, but I wasn't worried about completion so much as I was with just getting my visual of the characters out of my head. I love the book covers, they're super gorgeous, but they bug me a little sometimes. You never get to see Charles in human form and Anna always looks just a bit too self-confident, buxom, and bad-ass for my taste.
Anyway. Now it's off my chest and I can go back to adoring the series.
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Very cool do you take trades?
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This is totally beautiful. Thank you for sharing. There's going to be a new book out in a couple of days, just FYI. It involves Charles and Anna.
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Agreed. This sketch may be my favorite version of Charles and Anna, i.e., the best match to my own image of them. Well done!
OMG!!!!!!!! This artwork is amazing. I love it so much. Congrats!
Lovely.  I think you managed to capture what's so charming about them as a couple - Charles as powerful and possessive but never smothering with Anna's more relaxed, content personality.
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I love these books and this is such a beautiful picture of them.
So beautiful !!!! I love your draw!!!!
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Nice. And yeah, none of the Mercyverse covers do the characters any justice.
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Love this drawing of them - exactly how I see the characters. I had read these years ago and I've just purchased the audio books, so good! 
RecoveringZombie's avatar
Thank you! You bought the audio? You're in for a treat then. The first book is the best. His Charles voice is HAWT. XD
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this is the only pic of them ive seen so far
RecoveringZombie's avatar
There are a couple, but you really have to look.
Of course, there is the official comic book for the series, so maybe I should rephrase. There are lots, but from very few artists.
I have no idea why. They are sort of under-appreciated, aren't they?
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Yay! my fav couple, I love her freckles! And by the way I actually am in love with this (as you've deemed) unfinished look. I'd actually call it rough more than unfinished and I think it suits these two way better. Neither Charles or Anna are what I'd call refined and I think that rougher look to the piece helps represent their characters even more.
And totally agree with your book cover opinion, I've never really gotten the "Anna" feel from them, and I love Brother Wolf, but we'd like to see Charles in human form too! Which is why your piece makes me so happy!
RecoveringZombie's avatar
Wow, sorry it has taken me so long to respond. It's been a while since I've visited DA.
You're right, that observation is very insightful of you. Especially in the early books, they are sort of "rough around the edges" as part of their charm, aren't they?  I guess the skechiness could reflect that, though conveying that aspect of them was not really intentional on my part. Guess I lucked into that one, didn't I? Lol
Thank you for your comment, it's one of the nicest I've received, I think. :)
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Wow you did an amazing job! I am in love with this!
RecoveringZombie's avatar
Awesome! I'm just happy so many people seem to enjoy this. It makes me feel like I did justice to Patricia's characters, at least.
Thank you for the feedback!
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And that you did! You should draw Adams pack :)
RecoveringZombie's avatar
Lol! It's a compliment you'd say so but... ah geez. That would be difficult for me as I'm not all that fond of Adam's pack.  Eh, wait. Actually I take that back. His pack is okay and fairly diverse. It's Adam and Mercy who don't really interest me, but still.... I should probably not piss off the people who do enjoy them. :P
Now, Samuel, on the other hand... WOOF. :D
loba06's avatar
Lol I'm there with ya on the Samuel part ;) WOOF indeed!!
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Just finished reading the books and your version of Charles and Anna is amazing! Absolutely love it! (even if it is unfinished) :)
RecoveringZombie's avatar
The books are so fun, aren't they? Man, I can't believe how well-received this picture was. (Especially as such a rough sketch.)
You're so sweet for leaving a comment to tell me you liked it! Sorry it took me so long to respond. (I haven't been on DA often recently.)
Again, thank you!
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So glad to have found your work... THIS is EXACTLY what I have been looking for and you got them DOWN so beautifully!  Wow!
RecoveringZombie's avatar
I appreciate it! I'm such a sucker for protective, not-quite-human guys. Rawr!
Though, I have to admit, the driving force behind this picture was mostly my desire to draw Anna, because my visual of her was so different than the book covers. (Which I adore, but respectfully disagree with.) :P
Thanks again!
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