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The three goddesses on the beach

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I decided to make these lovely goddess because no one else I believe has tried to do it in kieskae, so I did it and I think I got results. Let me know if there was anything wrong with it.

Update: Changed some poses and the writing style of the names.

Din: !1.aa16.!1.ba50_bb7.1_bc530.!1.ca80.!1.da5.0.0.100_dd0.!1.dc0.0.5_eh1.5_!1.ea4.5_ed31.100.1.1_r038.!1.fa10.!1.pa2.!1.ga0_gb1_gc10.0_gd10000000_ge0000000000_!1.ha79.79_hb49.1.44.99_hc0.!1_!1_!1_!1.ka12.6.43.55_kb12.6.43.55_!1.m040.!1_!1_!1

Nyru: !1.aa70.!1.ba51_bb15.1_bc352.!1.ca76.!1.da1.0.0.100_dd0.!1.dc0.0.0_eh4.F7E38D_!1.ea8.15_ec6.40_ed16.59.1.1_ef0.0.60_eg0.0.60_!1.fa7.!1.pa2.!1.ga0_gb1_gc12.0_gd10000000_ge0000000000_!1.ha89.89_hb49.1.44.99_hc0.!1_!1_!1_!1.ka16.43.19.55_kb16.43.19.55_!1_!1_!1_!1

Farore: !1.aa10.!1.ba50_bb8.0_bc708.!1.ca72.!1.da1.0.0.100_dd0.!1.dc0.0.0_eh1.22_!1.ea6.22_ed5.50.1.1_r025.!1.fa1.!1.pa2.!1.ga0_gb1_gc12.0_gd10000000_ge0000000000_!1.ha78.78_hb49.1.44.99_hc0.!1_!1_!1_!1.ka27.34.43.55_!1.m04.!1_!1_!1
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It's Nayru. You left out the "a."
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ReconguistaHobbyist Artist
Oh... I guess I have to fix it again...
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TheGrimestHobbyist Digital Artist
what kind of elements they control?
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ReconguistaHobbyist Artist
Have you played Legend of Zelda?
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TheGrimestHobbyist Digital Artist
nop sorry xD