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FORC3XT 0.91 (for HWiNFO Plugin)



Hello. Here I want share the skin I've been working.
Its based on ForceX skin by Forcex34. Calendar is from LUA Calendar by Smurfier.

I've changed it to do compatible for HWinfo Plugin, so you need it running on your system, and configure skin *.inc files with corresponding values. The HWiNFO plugin also has to be added in the rainmeter plugin folder (it is included on the Resources folder of this skin).

I have added a lot of comments in the settings files for easy understanding and configuration. All colors an main options are easily configure.

Each skin has 2 versions, for left and right adjust at screen edge you want, some have also third "Up" version. There is a little issue with the "right" version of the skins, you must disable "keep on screen" to adjust at right edge.

All skins have a Title Bar, where you can hide/show the skin to title bar (left mouse button), or you can hide/show to thin edge (with middle mouse button). It has also a context menu (right mouse) to easy access for some useful skin actions, also have a pin button to control "topmost window" feature (Left mouse to activate, right mouse to release). Some skins have also additional refresh and edit buttons. Also they have several shorcuts to system configuration and monitoring utylities clicking on certain zones (Tested on Windows 7, I dont know if it works on Win 8).

Main Features:
*GPU current MHZ operation, and % utilization bar.
*TurboBoost bar (It shows the  higher current MHZ value of all CPU cores).
*GPU utilization bar, and current MHZ operation of GPU clock.
*VRAM memory use with highest value mark, current MHZ operation, screen resolution of your system.
*History Graph to monitor CPU GPU temperatures and utilization.
*CPU-GPU temperatures bar and values with highest value mark. When temperatures reach the limit you have configured, they will blink and play a warning sound (you can configure colors, sound an temperature limit).
*Current Voltages values for CPU and GPU.
*Fan bar, with highest value mark.

*IP, LAN IP, name of SSID, Security...
*Nº of connections.
*Wifi signal quality bar with changing color. Put mouse over it, to see numbers values.
*Download & upload Graphs.

--HDD Monitoring: changing color bar depends on % used, Read/Write speed graphics, temperature bar monitoring, SMART monitoring (if detects failure on smart, it will blink in red and plays a warning).

*Changing color bar depends on level or when it is charging. Critical Level Warning.
*Shows "energy plan" active, when a battery is detected in use, more additional information will be showed, like voltage, rate of discharge..,

*You can change quickly the level with mouse scroll.

--Google Calendar Events: it shows your next events calenndar, it marks with diferent background color events for today.  You must configure it with your google calendar private address. More information on the settings file...

*Bar with higest value mark.
*History Graph...

--Notes, Calendar, Processes, and more...

Update to fix minor bugs..
I hope you like it, and find it useful.
Sorry for my english...
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