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I love my Mac and I dig design, Follow me on twitter: idigdesign


* 1920x1200px
* 1680x1050px
* 1440x900px
* 1280x1024px
* 1280x800px
* 1024x768px
* iPhone
* iPhone clean

UPDATES: Added a iPhone version without Apple Logo

What you waiting for? Hit the download button to the left and get all your retro grunge goodness. Inspired from kevinandersson and his "It's like chocolate"
© 2009 - 2020 reckzeraw
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can i have for iphone hd 640x960?
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Psd files ? Too edit ?
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what about the iPad?
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thnx for the wallpaper !!
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Fantastic! Faved n featured on

Hope it brings you some extra visitors! Cheers!
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good!!! i love it
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Simple and beautiful!!!

I really liked this wallpaper and recommended it in my blog. [link]

Thanks for your great work.
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I love your "It's like chocolate" wallpapers!!!
I now use these wallpapers for my Windows desktop and my iPod Touch unlock screen!

You are a very great artist!
Keep up this good and amazing work!
It's so beautiful!!! :)
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And I love chocolate...

Thanks for the notice ;)
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Featured in Pixel Delicioso
Hope you don't mind...
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Here is a screenshot of GeekTool in action [link]
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LOOKS GREAT! 2 things, Do you have the script for the weather? Also how do you get the buckets to actually keep things in them. When I use a bucket for the folder icon it disappears when I download something? Thanks!!!!!
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Script for the weather can be found at this [link] and for stacks (buckets) use an app called "stacks in da place" - That'll solve all your probs ;)
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Awesome thanks!!!!!
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Unreal! I LOVE IT! What software do you use? Please include iPhone sizes with all your work. It just helps for people like me who are OCD and want their desk to match their iPhone! LOL
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Shot,Glad u digg it! All done in Photoshop with the help of sum killa textures from [link] LOL @ OCD remark, funnily enough I'm the same... iPhone wallpaper is included for OCD fans
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HaHa! Thanks! I already put up my screenshot of it!
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Great stuff! Oh yes have ya heard of GeekTool? Awesome little app to geek out your desktop with time/date/weather etc Check it here [link] on how to setup.
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