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TAGGED BY :iconxthe0dd10ut: omg-

this took foreversob

1. Name: Kyouta
2. Nickname(s): Kyouta, Kyonkyon, Kyochan
3. Birthday: Aug 26
4. That makes you: indifferent
5. Where were you born: Delaware
6. Location right now: computer
7. Shoe size: 7.0
8. How many piercings?: 12 
9. Tattoos?: 3
10. When you wake up you're: usually recovering from something
11. When you’re about to sleep you're: usually still awake
12. Zodiac sign: virgo
13. Chinese sign: rabbit
14. Righty or Lefty: left
15. Innie or Outie: innie (im crying these questions my god)
16. School: gradutated nine years ago

Section Two: Looks

17. Nationality: i don’t have one
18. Hair colour: green
20. Weight: 94lbs
21. Height: 5’1
22. Braces?  no
23. Glasses? yes (but i only wear them for reading and driving)

Section Three: Private Life

24. Do you have a boy/girlfriend? yes
25. If so, who? my wife Achan
26. If not, do you have a crush on someone? no
27. Who has a crush on you? there is only Achan to think about~
28. Ever cheated on your bf/gf? never have and never will
29. Who was your first kiss: i’d rather not say
(,,ԾԾ,, )
30. Who was your last kiss: Achan~
31. Are you a virgin? no, i have a kid
32. Ever had a threesome before? let’s talk about something else
33. If you could have sex with anyone, who would that be? Achan of course
34. Have you ever been in love? Yes
35. Broken any hearts? yes
36. Got your heart broken? yes
37. Ever liked a friend? yes
38. What happened? well..

Section Four: Past Relationships

39. How many relationships have you been in: i wouldn’t remember something like that      
40. How many were serious enough to count: how should i know?
41. Who were those serious ones: as if i’d answer something like that
42. Funnest hook-ups: what kind of question is that?
43. What made them different: geez
44. What happened:
45. Best boy/girlfriend: ...
46. Worst boy/girlfriend: this is stupid
47. Ever been kissed: didn’t we already establish this question?
48. Who do you want back: no one
49. Who do you regret: no one
50. Why?: why should i?

Section Five: Favourites

51. Song: Hatsune Miku - Rolling Girl
52. Movie: i don’t think i have a particular favorite…
53. Food: taro, peanut butter & chocolate
54. Drink: earl gray tea
55. Store: thrift shops
56. Television show: hannibal
57. Holiday: Halloween and christmas
58. Book: doujin
59. Ice cream: chocolate 
60. Sweets: pastries 
61. Crisps: plain
62. Type of music: TECHNO//
63. Artist: Vocaloid
64. Word: nya
65. Time of day: night because that’s when i work
66. Dressing: chocolate
67. Alcoholic drink: all alcohol
68. Colour(s): teal 
69. Piece of clothing: sweaters
70. Character: Hatsune Miku
71. Smell: blood
72. Shampoo: organiX
73. Soap: suave
74. Smiley:
75. Board game: battleship
76. Sport: martial arts
77. Number: 7
78. Quote: VIKING
79. Animal: fox
82. Vegetable: taro
83. Fruit: peach
84. Place to be: minecraft
85. Thing in your room: bed, dressers, computer, bathroom…?
86. Gum: spearmint
87. Shape: star
88. Country: japan
89. Mall: florida mall because teavana *U*
90. Cat: Norwegian forest cat
91. Boy's name: Xian, Liam, Ciel
92. Girl's name: Ella, Hevn, Skylar
93. Family member: xThe0dd10ut and the rest of my awesome fam
94. Restaurant: Bikkuri sushi
95. Movie place: AMC
96. Person to go to the movies with: anyone//foreveralone
97. Noise: rain
98. Brand of shoe: converse, Osiris
99. Brand of clothing: no particular fav
100. Body part of a chicken: leg, breast
101. Swear word: piss, fuck, damn, ass, wanker
102. Month: December
103. Possession: laudanum
104. Team: me
105. Season: winter.
106. Radio station: i just really don’t listen to the radio . u.
107. Magazine: anything that captures my interest
108. Favourite grade: i haven’t been in school for so long…
109. Least favourite grade: most?
110. Teacher: eh
111. Least favourite teacher: ehhh
112. Subject: art
113. Subject to talk about: gore and cute things

Section Six: Family

114. Who's your mum?: she’s my mum
115. Who's your dad?: a fat nerd
116. Any step-parents?: nope
117. Any brothers?: yes, one
118. Any Sisters?: yes, one 
120. Coolest: all of them xThe0dd10ut *SQUEEZE*
121. Loudest: that’s hard to determine…
122. Best relative: heh
123. Worse relative: well
124. Do you get along with your parents? more than ever since we don’t live together (jk i love them they’re awesome)
125. With your siblings? yea, my bro is awesome
126. Does anyone understand you? there’s a fine line between understand and tolerate in my family.. i isolate myself enough to be understood that my problems are my own and not to be shared with anyone
127. Do you have any pets?: two chameleons and some fish ~ my two cats stay with my mum
128. If so, what kind and name? Melee and Pascal are my chams 
129. If not, what do you want as a pet?: fox, Samoyed
130. Can I be a part of your family? i don’t think so.. unless you’re xThe0dd10ut then you’re already my family ~

Section Seven: School

131. Are you still in school? not for nine years
132. Did you drop out?: no, and could have graduated early
133. Your current GPA: gradutated with a 4.0
134. Do you buy or bring lunch?: brought when i did eat
135. ABC's?: 4.0GPA
136. Favorite class: art
137. Play any sports at school?: soccer, volleyball, track, swim club
138. Are you popular?: i was
139. Favourite memory: pranking the principal
140. Most humiliating moment: when my valentine got rejected by a girl i liked in the fourth grade
141. Most funniest moment: cafeteria food fight
142. Most scared moment: SAT finals

Section Eight: What do you think of when you hear

xThe0dd10ut i feel like this was WAY before your time

145. Chicken: hungry
146. Dog: Hachi
147. Christina Aguilera: genie
148. Ricky Martin: lmao
149. 50 cent: he’s actually good looking okay.. I’ll give him that
15o. Poop: is something to be dealt with everyday
151. Beach: swimming
152. Desert: saaaand
153. Water: Haru <3
154. Osama: isn’t actually dead
155. Love: Achan
156. Your little brother: needs to smoke weed
157. Butt: are amazing
158. Clowns:  terrify me
(((( ;°Д°))))
159. Wonder: twins
16o. Brown: chocolate
161. Banana: shake
162. Sex: is my life force
163. Parents: awesome
164. Homosexuals: don’t talk about me like that
165. God: farce

Section Nine: Do you believe in

166. God: no
167. Heaven: np
168. Devil: no
169. Hell: we’re living in it
170: Boogy man: no
171. Closet Monsters: no
172. Fortune tellings: no
173. Magic: no
174. Love at fist sight: yes
175. Ghosts: yes
176. Voo-doo dolls: yes
177. Reincarnation: yes
178. Yourself: in a manner of speaking..

Section Ten: Do you

179. Smoke: yes
180. Do drugs: depends on what you classify as drugs..
181. Drink alcohol: yes, and a lot of it
182. Cuss: you mean swear? a lot and im sorry
183. Sing in the shower: yes
184. Like school: when i was in it
185. Want to get married: yes
186. Type with all of your fingers: yes
187. Think you're attractive: ugh no
188. Drink and drive: should this be something you admit to begin with?
189. Snore: when im heavily congested
190. Sleep walk: yes
191. Like watching sunrises and sunsets: YESSSS

Section Eleven: Have you ever

192. Flashed someone: yea
193. Gotten so drunk til you threw up everywhere: yea
194. Told that person how you felt: yes
195. Been arrested: yes, ughhh
196. Gone to jail or juve: yesss for a day = 3=;
197. Skateboarded: yes
198. Skinny dipped: yes 
199. Rock climbed: yes
200. Killed someone: yes
201. Watched porn: all the time
202. Gone on a road trip: yes
203. Went out of the country: nope
204. Talked back to an adult: yes
205. Broken a law: several, none in which IM PROUD OF OKAY
206. Got pulled over: YES
208: Cried to get out of trouble: no
209. Let a friend cry on your shoulder: yes
210. Kissed a brother's or sister's friend: no
211. Kissed a friend's brother or sister: no
212. Dropped something on the floor and let someone eat it anyways: ghfgh;yea XD
213. Moon someone: hell yea
214. Shop-lifted: yea
215. Worked at McDonald's: almost did…
Eaten a dog: i eat a lot of Chinese so maybe?
217. Give money to a homeless person: yea for a beer
218. Glued your hand to yourself:  yes
219. Kissed someone of the same sex: yes
220. Had a one night stand: yes
221. Smoked: wasn’t this asked already?
222. Done drugs: this too right?
223. Lose a friend because of your ex: no
224. Slap someone for being stupid: im pretty sure i have
225. Had cyber sex: is that still a thing?
226. Wish you were the opposite sex: yes
227. Caught someone doing something: i guess
228. Played a game that removes clothing: SARA I WILL KILL YOU
229. Cried during a movie: NO…n,,,n’fg.
230. Cried over someone: yes
231. Wanted to hook up with a friend: did
232. Hooked up with someone you barely met: no
233. Ran away from home: yes
234. Cheated on a test: yes

Section Twelve: Would you

235. Bungee jump: hell yea
236. Sky dive: yessss
237. Swim with dolphins: HNGGGYES
238. Steal a friend's bf or gf: no
239. Try to be the opposite sex: i AM
240. Lie to the police: hell yea
241. Run from the police: yea
242. Lie to your parents: yea..
243. Backstab a friend for your own well being:  i have in the past
244. Be an exotic dancer: haha
Bang a donkey for 1, 000, 000: I JUST CHOKED

Section Thirteen: Are you

246. Shy: kinda..
247. Loud: under the influence
248. Nice: it’s a farce
249: Outgoing: when im with my friends
250: Quiet: yes
251. Mean: a lot
252. Emotional: depends on the circumstance
253. Sensitive: sometimes
255. Strong: no
256. Weak: minded
257. Caring: depends
258. Dangerous: yes
259. Crazy:  yea, there’s that
260. Spontaneous: to an extent
261. Funny: under the influence
262. Sweet: when i want to be
263. Sharing: depends
264. Responsible: yes
265. Trustworthy: sometimes
266. Open-minded: yes
267. Creative: yes
268. Cute: im not cute im manly as hell
269. Slick: hell yea
270. Smart: yea
271. Dumb: emotionally
272. Evil: yea
273. Ghetto: thugasslifenigga
274. Classy: fuckn classy
275. Photogenic: only in cosplay
276. Dependable: depends
277. Greedy: yes
278. Ugly: inwardly and outwardly
279. Messy: NO omg
280. Neat: OCD
281. Perverted: yes, without the gutter my mind would be homeless
282. Silly: yes
283. A B**ch: hell yea
284. A Good Listener: better than a talker
285. A Fighter: yes
286. A Party Animal: MORE LIKE PARTY GOD
287. A Game Freak: yes
288. A Computer Freak: yes

Section Fourteen: Future

289. Dream job: mangaka
290. Dream house: anywhere in japan
291. Husband/Wife: Achan
292. Kids: my daughter Hevn
293. Names: na
294. Pets: chams EVERYWHERE
295. Cat: probably not
296. Age you would want to get married: NOW okthx
297. Best Man/Bride's Maid: too cliche
298. Honeymoon: anywhere in japan

Section Fifteen: Your friends 

299. Best friend: either everyone or i don’t have one
300. Known the longest: that list could go on forever
301. Craziest: lolmaofsijpg
302. Loudest: geez srsly
303. Shyest: lol
304. Best hair: :devblu-van-deurs:
305. Best eyes: Achan
306. Best body: Achanaadvgmdlbghn
307. Most Athletic: Achan
308. Hot-Tempered: definitely me
309. Most impatient: me
310. Shortest: me
311. Tallest: my oniichan im pretty sure
312. Skinniest: who srsly asks questions like these?
313. Best singer: okay…
314. Funniest: oniichan
315. Can always make you laugh: my oniichan
316. Wish you talked to more: EVERYONE OTL
317. Wish you saw more: :iconblu-van-deurs:
318. Who drives you insane after a while: me
319. Who you can stay around forever and never get sick of: OMG EVERTOSFJSDGNJDKLGNDLHNDH
320. Ever lose a friend because you took it to the 'next level': haha no
321. Whose always been there when you need them: all my lovelies
322. Who is like your family: everyone  
323. How many friends do you have?: a lot
324. How many are really close? most

Section Sixteen: The last

325. Thing you ate: pizza
326. Thing you drank: beer 
327. Thing you wore: clothes preferably
328. Thing you did: ran my errands
329. Place you went: to the bank and gas station whoo
330. Thing you got pierced or tattooed: ears, naval, lips
331. Person you saw: my babus
332. Person you hugged: babus
333. Person you kissed: babussssesesfssddgdsfsg
Person you had sex with: Achan
335. Person you talked to online: Bonathan
336. Person you talked to on the phone: Achan
337. Song you heard: Rolling Girl – Hatsune Miku
338. Show you saw: MLPFIM
339. Time you fought with your parents: uh…
340. Time you fought with a friend: this happens more often than not…
341. Words you said: i need a nap

Section Seventeen: Now

343. What are you eating: pizza
344. What are you drinking: beer
345. What are you thinking: about how tired i am and how i need to clean and draw and ugh
346. What are you wearing: tshirt and pj pants
347. What are you doing: this confounded meme
349. Hair: bright greeeen
350. Mood: tired
351. Listening to: Shiver – The Birthday Massacre
352. Talking to anyone: my daughter
353. Watching anything: no

Section Eighteen: Yes or No

354. Are you a vegetarian: no
355. Are you a carnivore: yes
Are you heterosexual: no
357. Do you like penguins: yes
358. Do you write poetry: i used to
359. Do you see stupid people: every day
360. You + Me: gtfo
361. Do you like the Osbournes: yes
362. Can you see flying pigs: mutters more pig
363. Do you sleep with stuffed animals on your bed: yes
364. Are you from Afghanistan: no
365. Is Christina Aguilera ugly: what’s with you and CA so much?
366. Are you a zombie: im an android
367. Am i annoying you: 400 questions IS a bit much…
368. Do you bite your nails: sometimes
369. Can you cross your eyes: yes
370. Do you make your bed in the morning: yes
371. Have you touched someone's private part: yes . u.

Section Nineteen: This or That

372. Winter or Summer: winter~
373. Spring or Autumn: autumn
374. Shakira or Britney: both because womens
375. MTV or VH1: neither
376. Black or White: white
377. Yellow or Pink: pink
378. Football or Basketball: basketball
379. Mobile Phone or Pager: mobile
380. Pen or Pencil: pencil~
381. Cold or Hot: cold
382. Tattoos or Piercings: both
383. Inside or Outside: outside~
384. Weed or Alcohol: weed hell yea
385. Coke or Pepsi: pepsi~
386. Tape or Glue: both
387. McDonald's or In-n-Out: mcd’s is cool

Section Twenty: Opinions

388. What do you think about classical music: it’s beautiful
389. About boy bands: they’re adorable pets
390. About suicide: every day
391. About people who try to force their opinions on you: can kindly insert their opinion in their rectum where it belongs
About teen pregnancy: it gets younger and younger with every generation
393. Where do you think you'll be in 10 years: better be in fucking japan
394. Who do you think you'll still be friends with in 5 years: everyone XD
395. About gay men: YES

Section Twenty-One:

396. Do you have a website: yes
397. Current weather right now: cold and rainy
398. Current time: 8:26PM
399. Any shout outs: i love everyone
400. Last thoughts: it’s time to draw

  • Listening to: Hatsune Miku - Splatter Party
  • Drinking: icehouse beer lol


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