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When I'm not on dA, you can catch me here:

Thanks for all the llama's! (though I have no idea what they're all about)
Is it just me or are all these recent loud ads with audio on here completely annoying and intrusive??  I don't know any other 'legit' website that has ads on it and allows those ads to just blast away with their obnoxious audio.  Most any other respectable websites ads with audio do it the way you're supposed to: you don't hear the audio unless you mouse over or click that ad, thereby indicating you want to hear what it has to say.  It's shit like this that makes me want to bail on deviantART.

Just updated the "people" section of my photography website.
In case you want to take a gander:

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I've been trying to upload a new Roxy photo on here for the last, hmmm, probably 23 minutes.  deviantArt's uploader just fails over and over again.  Just acts like its uploading the file but never makes any progress or finishes.  Sometimes I hate this website.

I practically never write journal entries, and when I do, I just bitch about something like this.  Don't mind me. haha
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  • Watching: ...this country crumble.
  • Playing: not drums :(
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  • Drinking: water....wishing it were beer
So, I've been dicking around with it for years.  Making some progress, then completely scrapping it.  Well, I finally actually finished designing/building a website for my photography.  I think I'm pretty happy with it for now....for the most part.  I'm sure I'll be tweaking it here and there and it will forever be a work in progress.  But its finally out there for the world to possibly enjoy, perhaps never discover! haha

Check it out!  I designed it to be insanely simple, clean and modern looking.  That's always been my favorite kind of design.  I think when done right, less is more for sure.  It only has about 40 or so of what I consider my best/favorite images.  It might be a nice alternative to clicking through my giant gallery of 600+ pieces of mediocrity on here.  Believe it or not, I do filter what I put on here.  I could hit you guys with thousands of crappy photos!  Thousands I say!!! :)

Thanks again to all those who have been watching my gallery and :+fav:ing my stuff!  You guys make it all worth while!!

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has thrown a :+devwatch: or :+fav: my way!  I am usually all about thanking everyone individually and being more personal about it, but I've just gotten so busy lately that I just can't keep up.

So, in case any of you happen to read this....THANKS!! :) :D :)
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  • Watching: about to go watch 'Burn after Reading' here soon
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Woah! I got a DD :)
Thank you so much to Ghouldaddy for hooking that up!

I normally try to respond to EVERY comment and favorite add, but I don't think that is humanly possible at this point. I guess thats a good problem to have though, haha.

Anyways, thanks to all who have faved or commented on this one or my other work that you may have discovered via the Daily Deviation! I really appreciate it!!!  It's crazy how much traffic that generates!  I now have over 20,000 page views!  And out of all those people I only had to deal with 2 assholes that don't understand how the deviantArt community is supposed to work! :)  I'd say thats pretty good!

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