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xp bleu

blue version.. semi transparent. xp only.
;-) (Wink)
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its very pretty~ thank you.
Great, I love the shape, the blue, and the transperency. My only complaint is the lack of 3 cursors.
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w00t! Yay, exactly what I've been looking for for the last 20 minutes. I've always been sorta interested in making my own cursors, do you mind if I ask what program you use to make these? Thanks for the awesome cursors =D (Big Grin)
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Sorry for not being the author of the piece, and for answering that like 11 years after you post this comment LOL, there is like 99% of chance that you've already found a solution, but anyways...

I use RealWorld Online Cursor Maker [link], the best for static cursors IMHO. When I need some ANI cursors, I create the frames in RW Online Cursor Maker, save'em as CURs and create an ANI file with those CURs as frames using the buggy AniFX [link] [link]

Wow, I was 5 when this deviant posted this comment o.O
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These are still my favorite cursors to this day!
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That's amazing! How time flies...
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