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Ida (Darwinius masillae)

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Coloring and patterns based off the Red-bellied Lemur (Eulemur rubriventer)

    A young (8-10 month old) female Darwinius named "Ida" scampers around the subtropical forests of what is near modern day Messel, Germany 47 million years ago.  After a long afternoon of eating fruits, seeds, and leaves, she climbs up a Myristicacarpum tree, an extinct Nutmeg relative.  Before this, a few months ago, she fell out of a tree which broke her left wrist.  Fortunately, this was not her demise, it has been healing since.  Ida can't use it in many activities since it's still healing.  She finally finds a nice branch to rest on, the branch hung over 2 meters over the lake she has lived at for her entire life.  As she cautiously clambers across the branch, regarding her left wrist, her superficial nose senses something odd and tingly.  Ida has no clue of what it is, though her senses lead her to it coming from the lake, right below her.  She disregards it, and rests on the branch.  About a minute later, what seemed a while, she feels this weird feeling.  Like as if her body is shutting off.  Ida, tries to panic, but her body doesn't react much.  Her vision gets blurry, and then.. black.  Ida feels a wet feeling, as she sinks further into the lake.  As she sinks, her short life flashes before her, she starts to try and move and no budge.  Her nerves and organs start to fail as she sinks.  Ida feels no more pain, she cannot feel anything around her.  She accepts her demise, and she lands onto the muddy, silty, lakebed.

    Introducing Darwinius masillae, the basal lemur of Germany!  Darwinius is an adapiform, an extinct family of the suborder Strepsirrhini that includes lemurs, ancient sloth lemurs, pottos, and lorises.  The only Darwinius specimen, named Ida, is estimated to have been 8-10 months old and with x-rays, it showed that she had a broken left wrist.  The specimen was originally a privately owned fossil, but was purchased by a paleontologist that was given to the museum.  It was named after Charles Darwin, and masillae relates to the Messel pit.  With the x-rays, it was also shown Darwinius did not have the grooming teeth or the grooming nail on their feet like modern lemurs, although had a kind of early grooming nail.  It also showed that her molars had not erupted yet, meaning she was still growing her teeth.  The lack of a baculum (penis bone in mammals, not humans) means that she was definitely a female.  She was found at the Messel Pit, infamous for being a large lake that was anoxic to all life around it.  It had mammals, birds, reptiles, plants, and more animals.  Surprisingly, it has about nine mating pairs of turtles that were in the middle of mating when they died.

    I actually enjoyed making this lil girl.  This basal lemur is gonna help me take steps from the trees to the ground and eventually get better with making primates, to early hominins.  I may try to do humans, just I may just do cavemen or neanderthals.  I hope you enjoy this, as equally as I did and I hope you enjoy!

If you have any tips or want to point out inaccuracies then feel free to let me know.
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