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Hypuronector. limnaios: The Mating Ritual

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Colors based off Calotes calotes (common green forest lizard) for the tail and Calotes jerdoni (Jerdon's forest lizard) for the body markings.

A male Hypuronector in his prime follows a female onto a branch of a local tree during the Late Triassic period.  During the mating season, males generate a bolder, red colored tail similar to that of a male Calotes calotes (common green forest lizard) developing the red in mating season.  Though, this bright color to attract a female can be a disability.  During the mating season of the Hypuronector, the male’s bright tail can attract mates, but also predators ready to dine on a drepanosaur like him.  The only escape is gliding away.  Until then, the male lifts his tail up, not by wagging it, instead moving his body to make it move.  If it’s bright colors and hypnotic moves convinces the female, she will let him copulate and create the next generation of Hypuronectors.

Hypuronector is a very controversial species of drepanosaur, with the classic characteristics of a bird-like head and chameleon-like arms, it is already odd.  It's noticeable differences is a small head, with an extremely long paddle-like tail.  The tail has been quite the mystery, some say it's for swimming, others say it's for gliding.  Multiple research articles show that the tail being used to swim would make up so much energy it would not be able to swim so many (including me), believe it could glide and use it's tail similar to that of a rudder or vertical stabilizer.

If you have any tips or want to point out inaccuracies then feel free to let me know.
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