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Effigia okeeffeae

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Colors and body markings based off Cuvier's dwarf caiman.

Introducing Effigia okeeffeae, one of the oddest suchians ever.  That's right, I said suchians.  This means this is actually a relative of modern crocodiles and alligators, this also means that it is not a dinosaur at all.  It originated when it was collected by Edwin H. Colbert back in 1947 and 48.  It was originally in blocks of rock from the Ghost Ranch Quarry along with fossils of the famous coelophysis.  Colbert didn't really think of checking the jackets of many of the blocks when sent to the American Museum of Natural History.  He just thought is was only basal theropods like coelophysis and no other larger vertebrate like it at Ghost Ranch. 
    Effigia was rediscovered in 2006 as a graduate student by the name Sterling Nesbitt was opening the jackets that were taken 60 years before.  When he discovered Effigia, he noticed right away it wasn't a dinosaur due to the ankle and hips of it.  Effegia had a crurotarsal ankle while dinosaurs have a mesotarsal ankle.  The difference is Effegia's leg had more flexibility than a dinosaur leg.  Nesbitt and Mark Norell, curator of the museum, named the suchian Effigia okeeffeae after Georgia O'Keeffe, who spent many years at Ghost Ranch.  Another odd feature that is different is it's beak.  The beak did not affect what it ate, it still was carnivorous, eating small animals to (possibly) carrion.

If you have any tips or want to point out inaccuracies then feel free to let me know.
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