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Common plains takahe (Padromeus familiaris)

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Scientific name: Pedromeus familiaris ("Plains runner" "Common") 

Ancestor: Takahe of New Zealand (Porphyrio hochstetteri)

Size: About the size of a cassowary

Habitat: Grasslands and plains

Continent/Island/etc: New Zealandia

Diet: Grasses and plant matter

Temporal range: 20-30 million years into the future

Reproductive behavior: They primarily spend time in large harems containing up to 1-2 males and the rest being 20-30 females. If a rival male arrives then the harem leader will fight, uncommonly to the death. If the leader loses to the rival and the rival takes over, the chicks that the females have will be killed and then he will proceed to reproduce with the females as the species primarily reproduce year-round. Once reproduced, it takes up to a month to lay an egg, it then takes a couple months to care for the egg in a nest made up of soil and grasses. Females will tend to and nest on other females eggs to ensure the next generation.

Predatory reactions: If they see predators, they will all run, even disregarding their young and eggs for themselves. Range: They are one of the most abundant herbivores that New Zealandia has to offer between 20-30 million years into the future.

Adaptions: As they live in grasslands with little to no trees and hiding spaces, they grow in size to intimidate predators from below, and develop light beige-colored coats to camouflage from predators in the sky.
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