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About the Club

A hopeful successor to the original ReBootClub, this is a group dedicated to the all-CG, classic show ReBoot that ran from 1994-2001. Art comes first here with our fan love, so get out your paint, clay, pencils, whatever you have handy, and let's make some ReBoot Art happen!

Art Submission Rules
You can read up on any details at the link below. Any questions or suggestions, please send a note to the group.
  • The art should be 100% your own**
  • Submit to proper folders
  • Cleanly scanned/photographed work only
  • Yes to Cosplay if unmistakably ReBoot*
  • Yes to crossovers/Games
  • Yes to redesigns if unmistakably ReBoot*
  • Yes to OC's if unmistakably ReBoot*
  • No digital bases, reskins or repaints
  • No Adult - Season 3 types of risqué only
  • No spamming multiples of the same thing
  • No personal collections^
  • No Guardian Code series art
  • No whinging about the rules
    (wish this last one could've been avoided)

Gallery Folders

Guardian Bob
ReBoot - Bad Bob by InfiniteFruit
Glitch Guardian 452 by Aiuke
Bob from Reboot by feboee
Bob 3.0 by DivineROAR
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ReBoot by Lyn-lyn-0
Dot Matrix by AtomicTiki
Reboot Teen Dot by Vic-N-Shrooms edit by retroreloads
Dot Matrix by feboee
Enzo Matrix
Enzo Matrix - Cheerful by Vanilleon
Enzo Matrix - Wry by Vanilleon
Reboot - Matrix by feboee
Reboot: MatrixAndraia by BlackTar-in-a-Jar
Andrea by Black-skin-angel
Reboot - Andraia by feboee
March AndrAIA by Black-skin-angel
Mouse the Hacker
Samurai Mouse by DivineROAR
Chibi Mouse by Black-skin-angel
Enough for Tonight by jameson9101322
ReBoot - One Last Double-cross? by EmpressHelenia
megabyte expression practice (improvised) by Konnichibot

Mature Content

Megabyte the Perv...wait by PurrV
poly megs by Mochiyy
Megabyte by Cerulean452
Inktober Day-03  Hexadecimal by Spidersaiyan
Reboot: Hexidecimal 2 by BlackTar-in-a-Jar
What's the matter Bob? by go-kun
Hex Loves Tacos by web-virus
ReBoot - I am not an entity by EmpressHelenia
my ladybean is such a soft~ by Mochiyy
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Multiple Characters
ReBoot - Bob and Dot by Animeartist569
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doodle to first episode by Aiuke
Reboot Poppet Pals by Lagger2
Binomes and Other Numbers
Binomes by PMiow
Other Canon Characters
Chosen by Lagger2
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Bob's Kitchen - ReBoot by web-virus
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Senshi Viral Binome 1 Ranma by JStCPatrick
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Sisters by Lagger2
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Reboot: MatrixAndraia by BlackTar-in-a-Jar Reboot: MatrixAndraia :iconblacktar-in-a-jar:BlackTar-in-a-Jar 12 0 Phong by porkbot Phong :iconporkbot:porkbot 12 2 Dot outfit design by porkbot Dot outfit design :iconporkbot:porkbot 2 0 Hex other dress by porkbot Hex other dress :iconporkbot:porkbot 3 0 COMMAND.COM by Quirkilicious COMMAND.COM :iconquirkilicious:Quirkilicious 1,509 82 Hexadecimal ReBorn by Crackerbox Hexadecimal ReBorn :iconcrackerbox:Crackerbox 21 8 Hexadecimal vs. Daemon by rebootclub Hexadecimal vs. Daemon :iconrebootclub:rebootclub 4 0 Glad Your Not here by Shimmergloom Glad Your Not here :iconshimmergloom:Shimmergloom 17 12 -.Chaos.- by Vic-n-Shrooms by fallenrose24 -.Chaos.- by Vic-n-Shrooms :iconfallenrose24:fallenrose24 24 9 He's comin' to court... by Booter-Freak He's comin' to court... :iconbooter-freak:Booter-Freak 107 72 Hex- Hey baby. XD by kyria Hex- Hey baby. XD :iconkyria:kyria 3 2 HaloMegs by rebootclub HaloMegs :iconrebootclub:rebootclub 4 6 Hexadecimal by SuperDecimal Hexadecimal :iconsuperdecimal:SuperDecimal 189 71 Hex by SleinadFlar Hex :iconsleinadflar:SleinadFlar 104 38 Reboot Reboot by MattRhodesArt Reboot Reboot :iconmattrhodesart:MattRhodesArt 581 29 Reboot Reboot continued by MattRhodesArt Reboot Reboot continued :iconmattrhodesart:MattRhodesArt 473 12
There's a link below to the main rules and details for the slideshow itself. This is a friendly reminder now that it's the first day of fall. Happy autumn, everyone! I'm always sad to see summer go, but thankfully, fall has its awesome aspects that trade in the heat and try to make up for giving up all that sun, bbq's and swimming.

Song: Living Tombstone’s “Spooky Scary Skeletons” remix
Theme: Halloween, but beyond that, if you like, SKELETONS! lol
Due Date: The weekend before Halloween. After that, I will be placing artwork in to begin fleshing out our musical mayhem.
Main Journal w/ Rules:
Confirmed Sources/Participants:
Andreal Vox

Okay, so, now that it’s finally fall, it’s time to kick the creative juices for the ReBoot Halloween Slideshow into gear. In this journal entry, you'll find a few tips to help anyone in the grips of artist's block create for the season. Several of us are hard at work brainstorming to take the characters of ReBoot and give them a Samhain spin. Believe it or not, many people aren’t quite sure how to October up their art, so I’m hoping this will help, me being a bit of a Halloween nut.

First, in this paragraph, I’m going to point out the don’ts and nopes that could crop up which just wouldn’t have worked in the fandom’s old slideshows and should just be avoided. While some elements may be surprising or creepy in movies or even in ReBoot, even at a stretch they’re not Halloween by themselves. One rule to go by that might help is this: If you didn't tell anyone it was supposed to be for a Halloween show, would they know on their own? If the answer is no instead of yes or maybe, then you might want to read on to give your imagery a spooky or just seasonal boost. There’s a whole month to play as of this post, so by all means, take your time and create something that shows the world or cast of ReBoot in the midst of some Halloweenish happenings.

Eerie Elements:
Treat this like a fun creative challenge for any skill level and create. To make sure you have a general idea of what makes something truly fit in with a Halloween parade of ReBoot imagery, I’ve thought up some common themes that really scream “Halloween!” Add one of any of these to anything, and it could immediately be a Halloween show stopper. Again, they're only suggestions, but if you're stumped with how to Halloween and aren't sure if your imagery is just a random game reference, then these are worth a peek.
Monsters - Wolfman, Zombies, Dracula, the bogeyman, headless horseman, giant spiders, man-eating jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, stereotypical witches, skeletons, etc.
Props/Creatures - Cobwebs, spiders, snakes, rats, dead trees, dead leaves, autumn foliage, cauldrons, slime, fog, flames, the moon, abandoned houses, witch hats, bats, pumpkins, skeletons, gourds, hay bales, crows, scarecrows, black cats, creeping vines, black ooze, lightning bolts, etc.
Lighting - overcast skies/rainy, intense under lighting, green, orange, blood red, twilight, moonlight, dark night, fire, flashlight-focus, and Dutch angles work great too.
Settings - Old castle, mad scientist lab, graveyard, party, pumpkin patch, corn maze/field, haunted house, witch’s haunt, old forest, dead forest, autumn foliage woods, foggy hills, dilapidated old bridge.
Crossovers - This is where things are often just crossed over with much from the horror film genre. Daecon as Hellraiser, Matrix as the creature from the black lagoon, AndrAIa as the bride of Frankenstein, Mouse as the girl from The Ring, any characters dressed in Silver Shamrocks masks or Turbo dressed as Jason are just a few ideas.

Autumn Themes:
Eerie moments, monsters a-creeping and scary Halloween movie references aside, there’s also the pleasant aspect of Halloween that many people enjoy. If you want to take part but don’t appreciate the previous, it’s all good. There are many sides to this great time of year. Things as light as showing your favorite characters just enjoying an autumn walk in a color-changing forest, sharing candy apples at a farm or if you even carve their face into a pumpkin, that’s awesome too. Showing them carving a jack-o-lantern or trick-or-treating counts too. ; )

So that’s all I’ve got. Hope that gives you all some ideas for the coming month, and if anyone has any ideas they want to also share in the comments, please go right ahead!

Let’s all drum up some creativity this October and make this year’s revival of the Halloween Slideshow a really awesome one!
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