My second Free Commissions Raffle

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Patreon-banner DA by RebisDungeon

Second "Free Commissions Raffle" is approaching in my Patreon! :D (Big Grin)
Though Raffles are not main purposes of this Patreon, if you are interested both in my arts itself & chances of commissions, please check it!
(I don't recommend it if you seek only commissions from me, not my other works)

I've already drawn a pic for my first commission.
commission01 DA by RebisDungeon

It is too erotic to post here but I love it!
About rules of this Raffle, please see my FAQ.

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is that commission image on your rebisdungeon site?
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Allow me to suggest you post a couple chosen pictures in your patreon info section, more appealing and descriptive than text only.
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Thanks! You may be right.
I'll choose some SFW pics for it.
(There are many NSFW ones... find SFW pics is slightly hard for me :D
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senpai you are coming up fast good luck! :D
RebisDungeon's avatar
As you said, I'm glad for fast growth of my Patreon.
Thank you! :D
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^-^ told you senpai you will be big!
RHEMORA's avatar
I wish you the best of the best for you and your bussines my friend :D you know how much i love your art :3
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Thank you!
Now I'm getting to build web of activities around the world.
I hope you enjoy my coming works!
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I am quite interested in these raffles, since I adore your artwork and style. Do you have to have a Patreon account in order to sign up for them? I'm not familiar with the site...
RebisDungeon's avatar
Thank you for your comment!
Yes, you need an account to become someone's Patron in Patreon.
In addition, a credit card is needed for payment.

Also Official FAQ may help you...
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That does help, thanks. I'm a bit light on as far as money goes, I just lost my job... so much as I would like to take part in these raffles, I might have to decline for now.
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Raffles will come again, so don't worry!
I hope you find a nice job :D
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Thanks, so do I. I need some good luck.
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maybe an Art-trade raffle someday?
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I feel Art-trade raffle is too limited purpose...
If the winner of commission raffle gives me an art in return, it becomes Art-Trade.
So I think independent Art-Trade Raffle is not needed.
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"(I don't recommend it if you seek only commissions from me, not my other works)"

There currently isn't a method to commission you other than the raffle, though, correct?
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Yes, my business is drawing comics, commission is not my main activity.
But I hope to respond for my eager fans sometimes.
Thus the raffle is best way for me, now.
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Alright, noted. I'll have to keep paying attention. Thanks.
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That's interesting :D
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You may be see results of raffles here if it is not so adult :)
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