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Today, a milestone goal event has started in my Patreon!

It is “Request Festa”.

Header Request-festa01 by RebisDungeon
I’ll draw some arts and doodles from requests and suggestions of my Patrons!

If your pledge is $10 or higher, you can join this event. Depending on your pledge level, you can request and suggest 1 to 5 ideas.

I’ll pickup some nice ideas, or even ideas I did not try yet, and draw it!

(Note that your request is not automatically drawn… Patrons make many requests and suggestions, and I pick up some ideas from it.) 

To avoid “Everytime Rebis choose his own character” like problem, I’ll pick up at least one OC of some patron.

I’m planning to draw many sketches, rather than one perfectly inked and colored art. (If I’m struck by Muse or Slaanesh, I’ll paint some sketches)

Doodle: Mai Shiranui by RebisDungeon
(You can expect roughly this level of sketch)

So if you are interested in my Patreon, this event may be good chance to jump in! Of course there are so many other pics and comics ;)

Patreon-banner DA by RebisDungeon

Second "Free Commissions Raffle" is approaching in my Patreon! :D (Big Grin)
Though Raffles are not main purposes of this Patreon, if you are interested both in my arts itself & chances of commissions, please check it!
(I don't recommend it if you seek only commissions from me, not my other works)

I've already drawn a pic for my first commission.
commission01 DA by RebisDungeon

It is too erotic to post here but I love it!
About rules of this Raffle, please see my FAQ.

I'm Rebis, professional Comic artist, Illustrator from Japan!
I'd worked around my X-rated comic site, REBIS DUNGEON for over 15years.

Also I'd made many works. Illustrations, Game scenarios, Miniatures...and so on.

There are always some oversea fans at my site, or my SNS in Japan.
But until Dec2014, I'm not so eager to have oversea activities.
Now it changed!

I feel I should reconstruct my activities around the world.
I hope to reunite my oversea fans, reclaim them from my pirated comics.
Thus, as one of that grand projects, now I have a gallery in DA.

Please check my Twitter in English if you interested.


Also I'll have Tumblr to upload my porn pics.
Other projects will come!
My name is Rebis.
Japanese Manga Artist, drawing Fantasy arts, Hentai comics, androgynous girls, muscular females, and so on.

I joined DA to find great arts of the world.
At least now I don't have activities on DA, sorry.

You can find my works at my site...

or, my Pixiv.…